Anubis – pendant

I already have a number of ankh pendants of various sizes, but all of them are in silver (since I far prefer silver-tone metals to gold). This means I needed to come up with a golden option instead.  I briefly considered painting something I already had – but I really LIKE all of my ankh pendants, and didn’t want to ruin any those that I had – even those that I rarely wear.

I decided to use one that I already have to make a golden duplicate.

First attempt

Re-molding the ankh for the third attempt

I started off with one of my existing pendants, and removed it from its cord. Then I used a two-part silicone putty to create a mold – these molds capture great detail and make it so much easier to make (or rather reproduce) detailed items without having to be able to actually carve.

I was originally going to use the two-part epoxy resin that I have used in the past – but the container was glued shut. (And it warns against heating the chemical.. so I did not want to use the blow dryer or hot water to try to open it up.

So, instead I used the first chemical along with some hardener that I had (for a previous project). It was a huge failure, and never set up.  I was able to clean it out and re-use the mold for a second attempt…

Second attempt

For the second attempt I tried using Acrylic Water Kit from Wal-Mart to cast the ankh. This was likewise a huge failure as the chemical was supposed to set up in 24-48 hours, but almost a week later it was still just sticky.  I do not know if this is a failing of the chemical, or if the addition of the resin dye was to blame.

Unfortunately, the chemical was so sticky that I considered the mold ruined, and had to re-mold the item for the third attempt.

Third attempt

I re-molded the ankh pendant, and although I had picked up some clear epoxy casting resin, I really did not want to ruin yet another mold, so decided to use some oven-bake modeling clay to start with.  I conditioned the clay, pushed it into the mold, and then very carefully removed it from the mold – since the clay is not the air-dry variety, this means that pulling it out can skew the design.

I actually did two clay ankhs, just in case one did not turn out.

Well – this DID work (finally!) and once the clay came out of the oven I painted it with gold acrylic paint and then filled the recesses with black acrylic paint and wiped off the excess to make the piece look older and bring out the details that the mold was able to capture.  From there I coated the front and back with clear glossy varnish, and the pendant was ready to hang.


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