More holiday crafting

Although I obviously did my holiday crafting in advance of the holidays, I didn’t want to post this until after my gifts had been given. 

Our family is very much a dog-family… sometimes I wonder what we’d all talk about if it weren’t for the silly, funny, annoying, and cute things all of our dogs do.  Of course this also means that the dogs all get holiday gifts (even when the people decide not to exchange gifts…)

This year for all five of the dogs in our extended family (two belong with one uncle and aunt, and another with a different uncle and aunt, and then two more are mine…) I made super-soft, cute and cuddly flannel blankets.  We won a similar blanket two years back at a dog event, and it has become a favorite of our dogs (which is a bit of a pain, since there is one blanket and two dogs…) plus it’s heavy enough that my play-centric dog doesn’t bring it out to shake nearly as much as he does with the fleece ones.

Front and reverse of the blue blanket

For my dogs and the one only-child dog I made grey and black blankets, while for the other two I made blue ones with more of a holiday theme.  I figured that even if they don’t go with home decor, they would still make good car blankets to reduce the amount of dog hair on the car seats.

One side of the blanket is smooth, while the other is fluffy – caused by the fraying of the fabric in the washer. The blankets are also really soft and warm. I’m actually HOPING to make something similar for myself, (In a larger version of course!)  and apparently these blankets are great for babies because they love to grab onto the texture of the fluffy side.

One comment on “More holiday crafting

  1. […] allowing for more wiggle room underneath.  I used quilting flannel (flannelette) leftover from the dog blankets I made last year for gifts, and from a quilt I’m making for myself as well! The pillow slips […]

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