Adding to the fabric stash

I do love a good fabric sale, and Fabricland had a good one where I picked up a few things for works-in-progress, as well as *ahem* a few things that just jumped out at me…

Here’s hoping that by posting them on here, I’m motivated to find the time to make things with them!

gorgeous satins

First up a trio of gorgeous satins – these are so nice to the touch!  I have two bedroom ‘sets’ of linens – one is blue and white, while the other is red and gold.  The silver satin will be paired with some blue satin I already have for blue and silver pillowcases, while the red and gold will make up another set of pillowcases. I’ve used satin pillowcases for years because they are supposed to be more gentle on your hair and cause less overall hair loss (which happens naturally anyways…)

Purple lace and velvet

These two fabrics weren’t really part of my shopping plan… but oh I love gorgeous velvets!  They had a whole selection of fully-matching satin/lace/velvet combinations that were so tempting.  If they have another sale I might go back and get the grey-blue they had too… This will be a dress and a matching wrap I think.

Super-soft minky

For the super-simple quilt/throw I want to make, I picked up some super-soft black minky fabric that will go on the back. I’ve seen this being used in a few quilt shops lately,  so I am really hoping that it lasts through the number of washes it will need to go through over it’s lifetime. I haven’t used this fabric before, so it will be new to me, but oh-so-cuddly when it’s done!

Sequin-embroidered knit

I had been looking at this fabric for ages, and finally when it went on the 50% off sale, I was just too tempted. I don’t even know exactly what I’m going to use it for, but it’s gorgeous! I only bought enough for a little shell though – since I wouldn’t want a large garment out of shiny sequins!

I also picked up a few other fabrics – but those I’ve already added into posts about the specific projects!

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