Anubis – armbands

If you remember my original Anubis sketch, you’ll remember that I had armbands on the costume. Part of me wanted them to be metal, but I also thought in order to keep them up they’d need to either have an elastic portion, or be sewn to the shirt.  Frankly, I have weak girly-arms, and lack the muscle definition to keep armbands UP without additional measures.

As the event I wanted to wear this costume to got closer and closer, I kept putting off making the arm bands as I tried to figure out how to do them.  I had some of the scarab beads leftover from the collar/necklace that I never used, and thought they would work on the armbands, but I still just couldn’t picture it. I cut out some black elastic and stitched it up into a base for an armband and wore it around for a while, and still wasn’t really happy with even just the base.  I scratched the whole armband idea entirely and decided to use the scarabs and leftover beads for a bracelet instead, and then never got to that either in time.  I just wasn’t inspired anymore by that point.

So, I never did make the armbands. Instead I grabbed a copper wire bracelet/cuff from my costume jewlery box and just went with that. It isn’t nearly as impressive as my sketch or what I saw in my head – but it was DONE…

2 comments on “Anubis – armbands

  1. Cherry says:

    So, I saved this page for ages to see how it all came out…and not a single photo!!

    • Dawn says:

      Really sorry – I didn’t end up making the armbands, as I mentioned in the post – so I don’t have any photos to share! If you follow the Anubis link: you can see all of the posts from this costume… BUT…. there are still more to come. I got distracted with a trip (or rather.. a few trips!) and other projects, and haven’t finished blogging the skirt and then the final “completed” costume. (Actually.. that reminds me.. I still don’t have the photos from the event! )
      Thanks for the reminder, and for commenting! Hopefully it will give me a ‘kick in the butt’ to finish off that post and take some new photos if I can’t get the originals…

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