Spiked bracelet

A few months ago, while browsing Etsy, I really liked some of the spike bead/charms ( I was looking for something similar…) and thought about ordering some, but ended up passing it by for the time being. Shortly after that I was in Michael’s Craft store and found the new (and apparently short-lived, since I haven’t seen much of it since) Legends line from Bead Landing.

“The Bead Landing™ Legends™ collection is all about rock glam. Come on all you cherry bombs, schools out for summer and it’s time to rock. You’ll find so many great chains, pendants, charms, and embellishments to create the most epic creations ever.” – Michael’s

spiked bracelet

spiked bracelet

There were a few interesting pieces in the collection, but the only thing I picked up was the chain with those spike bead/charms on it.  I bought three cards, and deconstructed one of them to extend the length and add spikes to the other two chains. I shortened one of the spike-decorated chains, and then attached the two together, then adding some of the leftover chain to the ends, and finishing them with a toggle clasp.  (Which isn’t a perfect match, but works at least for the time being.)  I might wear it for a while, and embellish it a little more later if I think it still needs something….

spiked bracelet

spiked bracelet

In the meantime, let me know what you think in the comments below!


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