Seascape Bling

You might have noticed I’ve done a lot of bling-y projects in the last while. Part of this is my inner magpie shouting out for shiny things, and part of it is just out of availability.  Having a nice stash of bright, sparkly beads, means it’s easier to put things together in that theme.. though I have yet to WEAR all of the new pieces I’ve added to my collection!

This necklace was put together partially out of leftovers from other projects…

Blue and green large-hole bead necklace.

Blue and green large-hole bead necklace.

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Super bling overload

I am not normally a super bling-y person… but in the past while I’ve been all over super-bling-y, rhinestone-encrusted, crystal-covered necklaces. (I’ve also been looking for an awesome clear crystal statement ring, with no luck. Size 9 if you’re curious… tee hee)

While in Toronto, I picked up these enormous, super-bling’d out beads. They’re HUGE (well, there are three sizes, and the largest is huge) and totally covered in rhinestones. You can barely make out any of the metal for all of the shine on these babies…

Of course, rather than just looping one on a discreet silver chain and calling it a day, I had to use them all. All together. At once. SUPER BLING OVERLOAD!

I actually toyed with these for a while, trying to figure out what to do with them. Did I want something long and dangly, with lots of mellow black cut glass beads between them? Did I want to go really high-contrast and toss them on some thick black leather cord, with chunky knots to divide them and hold them in place? Did I want a shorter necklace that was just non-stop bling?

Super bling overload - shown on my dressform

Super bling overload – shown on my dressform

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