More silver feathers

When I was in Toronto not too long ago I picked up two silver feathers from Hi Beads.  While the ends had attachment points, that wasn’t how I wanted to use them, so I had to be a bit creative.

Out came my leather punch – but the feathers were too thick for this to work – so instead I got a nail and a hammer, along with a piece of super-thick scrap leather that I use to set rivets sometimes, and a piece of softoleum, and I made my own holes in the feathers where I wanted them. For a little bit more information, I wrote about the technique in my Bat Necklace post.

From there I strung in two jump rings and a length of chain (three links worth…) and had a better start to what I had in mind.  I thought of layering the feathers and just using one ring as the pivot point, or punching a bigger hole and using a rivet as the ‘hinge’ but I wanted the feathers to sit further apart and create more of a rounded shape rather than a V-shape.

More silver feathers

More silver feathers

Once that part of the necklace was done, I added a drop of glue to the back of the holes to avoid catching fabric, and to further secure the jump rings.  I did the same technique on the Bat Necklace.  You can see the glue if you really look for it, but it’s on the back, and is very discreet if you don’t know it’s there.  I thought it needed “something” and I played around with a few different charms – mostly things “with wings”; fairies, birds, etc but none of them really appealed to me.

When I was at Beads & Plenty More for the Kumihimo braiding class, I saw a tiny red glass drop bead – perfect!

More silver feathers

More silver feathers

I like the final look – it’s simple and bold at the same time. The necklace was finished just by adding crimps to two strands of leather cord, attached with split rings to the attachment points at the tops of the feathers, and then at the back to a simple clasp. The red glass drop is attached with another jump ring.  It seems like silver feathers might be having a bigger part in my jewellry wardrobe!


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