Glass and roundel necklace

I keep thinking of this necklace as a snake or a rope – it has a great feel and great weight, and I love the mix of the cut glass beads and the roundels.  But… it didn’t turn out exactly the way I imagined.

Silver and pink necklace

Silver and pink necklace

Can you spot the problem?

Silver and pink necklace

Silver and pink necklace

This necklace started off with beautiful smoky pink roundels from Hi Beads.  I loved the colour (even though I rarely wear pink) and I bought a bunch of them, not entirely sure what I would be doing with them.  Of course, I didn’t buy enough…

When I got home, I loved the look of the round (12mm) roundels with some silver glass beads from Michaels.  Of course, I didn’t have enough of those either! I found more of the silver glass beads at Beads & Plenty More, but still couldn’t find the pink crystal beads.  I looked all over, and finally found what I ~thought~ were them on Etsy.

Silver and pink necklace

Silver and pink necklace

In the photo below, the problem is a bit more obvious.. the roundels aren’t the same.  The ones I bought on Etsy were 10mm (oops! my fault!) and are a very different colour.  They looked close in the online photo, but unfortunately I didn’t realize how many colours these came in.

Silver and pink necklace

Silver and pink necklace

I went ahead anyways, since Hi Beads doesn’t have an online shop, though I might choose to replace these at some point if I can get more of my prefered darker pink bead.  I do, however, really like the look of the smaller roundel with these beads.

Another problem- I bought my new roundels from eBeadShow on Etsy, and several of the roundels were damaged.  One came without any crystals at all, and three more came with missing crystals – and thus are unuseable.  I let the seller know, and as of yet he/she has not offered to replace the beads.  This meant that the necklace is just a tiny bit shorter than I intended it to be, since after all of that, I wasn’t interested in ordering MORE of the pink roundels.

Overall though, I’m happy with the finished necklace, and actually have plans to make another with other roundels and glass beads.. but this time I’ll be more careful to match the roundels correctly!


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