Dawn’s Corset Class – storage

Once you have your corset (either made or purchased) you’ll need a way to store it.  I’ll share with you some options, as well as tell you how I store my corsets.

For the corsets I wear most often

For corsets I want easy access to, I have those hanging shoe organizers in a closet.  My corsets put away completely dry (if I’ve cleaned them) and unsoiled (leaving dirt and other materials on fabric can weaken them). I gently roll the corset up, making sure that none of the bones are twisted or forced, and gently store them in the pocket hanging in the closet.  The closet keeps the corsets away from scents, dust, smoke, and sunlight.

For longer-term storage

Ideally I’d prefer a non-plastic container, but plastic does protect the corsets against water damage, critters (not that we have any, but since I don’t check on them often, I’d rather not come back to a surprise) along with dust, sunlight, etc.  Plastic can have the downside of scents and other things, but it’s a trade off.

For these corsets I fold them in half, and layer them between layers of plain, unbleached, washed muslin.

A corset of mine with the round nylon cord for back lacing.  (Shown on a dressform, so it doesn't fit properly...

A corset of mine with the round nylon cord for back lacing. (Shown on a dressform, so it doesn’t fit properly…

Other options

Chatting with other corset lovers, I’ve heard a variety of techniques.  If you have others, please leave your suggestions in the comments below!

“Drape corsets over hangers and hang by the laces, hang the hangers in a closet.” – Bella
Consider if this will add additional strain on your laces, if this will be space-efficient, and use light-coloured plastic hangers to avoid colour transferring from the plastic to your laces. (Yep, I’ve had this transfer happen with a bright pink hanger and a light blue shirt.)

“I keep my corsets rolled up in a drawer of the dresser.” – Isabelle

“I use hangers with multiple clips which allows me to hang 3 or 4 corsets in a small space. A small bit of card stock or folded paper towel keeps the clips from marking the corsets.” – John

“I keep mine in pillowcases, its a great way to keep them neat and folded away.” – Angel

“If you want to clip-hang them, you could consider hanging them by the long edge of the modesty panel to avoid marking the visible fabric.” – Dani

Alternately, consider:

  • Folding the corsets and laying them flat (stacked as needed) in drawers.
  • If the corset has hanging loops, hang the corset in the closet from the loops.
  • Store the corset in a corset bag
  • Display your corset on a dress form
  • Folded and stored upright in a deep box

Want more?

If you want more ideas about corsetry and corset inspiration, click the Corset Class category! More will come in the future too! Have tips or ideas to share – leave a note in the comments below!

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