Matte blue beaded necklace

I saw these matte blue faceted glass beads in Beads & Plenty More, and although I didn’t have a project in mind for them, I really wanted to use them. I picked them up, and after some trial-and-error, put together a simple necklace with just a little bling.

Matte blue bead necklace

Matte blue bead necklace

I used one of those super-large roundels that I mentioned in the extra-large bead necklace I posted about earlier, along with a pretty decorative toggle clasp. Because of the nature of toggle clasps (you need a little wiggle room to make them work properly) I also added some plain glass beads to the ends.

Matte blue bead necklace

Matte blue bead necklace

My frustrations with this project…

  • The beads are not all exactly the same size… when I was testing out my plan, the roundel dropped easily over the beads, and I anticipated it being able to move back and forth along the necklace with ease, much like a charm on a chain. However, once I strung the blue beads, and dropped on the roundel.. I discovered that some of the blue beads are larger than others, and the roundel would not fall to the middle. I re-strung the beads, planning where the roundel would go, and adding it on in the right place. It still moves around a lot, but not like I originally intended.
  • Additionally, the matte finish on the beads is easily affected by skin oils, which lessens the matte finish. Since there is nothing to do to avoid oils getting on the beads, I’ve decided to just ignore it – though it is disappointing, since I loved the smoky matte finish I saw in the shop. It also appears that through some rubbing (trying to move that roundel around!), the entire finish comes off, so the faceted edges start showing their shiny glass core. Not really what I was looking for, but I’ve put these beads to the back of the necklace so they won’t show.

Still, it’s a pretty necklace!

Matte blue bead necklace

Matte blue bead necklace

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