Travel souvenirs for crafty folk – Beads

Other than the purse shopping I did, I also looked at beads to bring back as ‘souveniers’ of my Hawaiian vacation. I didn’t have nearly as much luck as I did in Toronto, that’s for sure!

Pikake Beads

Kailua-Kona, HI

Located up a little open-air mall ‘street’, Pikake Beads might be a little hard to find. We weren’t specifically looking for it (doing a Google-search after the fact shows that there are a few bead shops in Kona, but even then this one was hard to find!) but rather walked past the street corner and noticed their sandwich board sign. The store is small, but organized and well laid out. It’s clean and easy to find things.

I wouldn’t say that there’s anything particularly unique about Pikake’s selection. The staff person was rather distracted, and I think she overcharged me (I was charged for four items though I only bought three) which is kind of a downer too. They have a small selection of different types of beads (glass, charms, large-hole) and a fairly large selection of mother-of-pearl/shell beads, but I also wasn’t particularly inspired there.

I did end up getting two things for mum, and a small ceramic bat for myself, but it’s rare for me to leave a bead store with such a small purchase.

Bat bead from Hawaii

Bat bead from Hawaii

Showcase Gallery and Beads

Kealakekua, HI

Back in Kealakekua, pretty much across the street from Kimura’s Fabrics, there’s another half-store with beads and pendants. The remainder of the store is a lovely arts and crafts gallery, but they’ve devoted about 1/3 of the store to beads.

Although they don’t have as many beads as Pikake, they are well-displayed and easy to see. Again however, I wasn’t especially inspired, and left empty-handed.

…in my next post I’ll share some of my other ‘souvenirs’ from Hawaii…

One comment on “Travel souvenirs for crafty folk – Beads

  1. Dawn says:

    Just as an update, I visited Hilo again in March 2014, and this shop is no longer at this location. I didn’t see a new location listed online.

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