Mirror Mirror Kumihimo

In a previous post about Kumihimo braiding, I talked about classes at Suzie Q beads. Well I got down to the shop again recently, and took a quick snapshot of one of the class projects they offer.

While I didn’t take the class – I noted that they use the same clasp as they do for the licorice leather projects – a clasp that I picked up the previous time I visited… perhaps a double-strand Kumihimo braid will be destined for that clasp!

Bracelet on display at Suzie Q beads

Bracelet on display at Suzie Q beads

While I was there I also looked at getting more of the pretty coloured leather cord that I picked up before… but my wallet was set on other lovely things that day, so I skipped it until next time.


2 comments on “Mirror Mirror Kumihimo

  1. Sartenada says:

    Very beautiful. My wife has never been making Kumihimo but normal beading.

    If You are interested, then here are many of her works:

    Beads as hobby.

    Have a great day!

    • Dawn says:

      Nice! that looks like an amazing workshop your wife participated in. I love the huge beaded-beads. There’s a workshop here making something similar, though I’ve never gone… yet. ;o
      Thanks for visiting!

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