What about a Viking costume?

I’m not a member of the SCA, but I do love the costumes!  While I was brainstorming for the Masquarade Ball costume, I was torn between something Egyptian, something Steampunk, and something Viking-inspired.  Although I didn’t go ahead with the Viking-inspired costume, I did come up with a number of ideas for a Viking-inspired costume, and thought that I would collect some of the inspirational images into one handy post for when I DO want to approach the costume… (or rather, when I have the purpose to make one!)

**Update** I started to think about this a while ago, and then heard that a friend was planning a weekend-long Viking-themed wedding with costumes highly encouraged. I started working on the research and costume in anticipation of the wedding… though I wasn’t able to attend. Still,I thought it would be fun to blog about the “Garb From a Thousand Lakes” costume. Stay tuned!  Due to this page getting seriously long, I’ve divided the sections up into a few more manageable pages… which I’ll be posting one by one… so stay tuned.

They’ll be:

  • Inspiration: Paper dolls
  • Inspiration:Viking metal bands
  • Inspiration: SCA
  • Inspiration: Telvision & Movies
  • Inspiration: Accessories
  • Inspiration: Around the web
  • What I already have
  • What I need to make
  • … just for starters!

There are a few different inspiration sources – some more historically accurate than others – frankly some of them are pure fantasy. (Like helmets with horns…)

Then I’ll blog about actually making things – I hope! As I write this, I’m still not there yet!

I’ve also added some inspiration photos to my Pinterest board called “To Holsmgard and Beyond“.

Join me on Pinterest - click for link!

Join me on Pinterest – click for link!

A note on pictures

I’ve noticed that when I’ve linked directly to images hosted on other pages, some of them have broken with time.  So, for this project I’ll be copying and saving the photos to my own site, but links to the originals will be included along with the site of origin name for reference.

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