Viking costume inspiration: Viking metal bands

Viking costume inspiration: Viking metal bands

What fun! So many of the viking/ pagan metal bands I listen to have such cool costumes and artwork. Some of the bands I love/like include:
Amon Amarth






& Týr

and some of them have/had female members and wear costumes of some sort… (if you know of any other bands in this genre that I should check out, let me know in the comments below!) Some of these bands are dressed by Toxic Vision, a Canadian designer, so it’s a site to check out too in the same realm…

Turisas / Netta Skog

First up, accordian player Netta Skog, who used to play with “Battle Metal” band Turisas. The whole band performs in fantastical costumes (I have no idea how much face-paint they must go through on tour…)

Netta from Turisas

Netta from Turisas

Netta’s costume appears to have been a brown tank top, brown skirt made of a stiff fabric (or leather) trimmed with brown fur, brown tights, and then brown fur-trimmed boots. Accessories included a wide cincher/belt, arm bands, fingerless glove, and straps of various persuasions. Fun to look at, but not anything I’d want to replicate! This main photo is from Turisas’ Facebook page, but you can also see another shot, along with the rest of the band in this post on the “at least I’m housebroken” blog.

Arkona / Masha “Scream”

I haven’t actually seen Arkona live – they were supposed to play in Calgary in April 2013 – but they ended up pulling out of the show (visa issues possibly? Seems like there’s a lot of that lately..). I don’t know for sure if they perform in costumes because of that – but online photos suggest that they might. There is a full ‘battle garb’ photo here, and another with all of the band members, but really I’m only interested in looking at Masha.

Masha from Arkona photo found on Tumblr

Masha from Arkona photo found on Tumblr

Drastically different look, right? There are also loads of her on, a number of blogs like this one, Tumblr, and websites in Russian. (The band is Russian.) This photo from the Metal Library gives a closer look at the garment in the above photo, and especially how the trim is layered to create the lush effect.

Ensiferum / Emmi Silvennoinen

Ensiferum from the Summer Breeze Open Air website

Ensiferum from the Summer Breeze Open Air website

Again, a costume very much like Netta’s – a bit ‘battle’, with a heavy dose of fantasy. Although I like the fantasy elements, it’s really not the direction I want to go.

No women…

So, some of the bands who fall into this category don’t actually have females in the band, so here is a little photo, just for mood-and-feel if not inspiration.


Heidevolk photo from Radio Tonica

Heidevolk photo from Radio Tonica

Likewise, Eluveitie has the right kind of music, and has women in the band, but in my quick web search it looks like they don’t do a lot of promotional photos in garb, and don’t perform in costume either… so no need for a photo (but you should check out the music!) Amon Amarth doesn’t have women, and don’t do costumes, so they’re going in this area too.. LOL

But really…

Although I like the look and feel.. none of these are really giving me real costume inspiration. Oh well!

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