Viking Costume: What I already have

I figured the best first step before making anything would be to take an inventory of what I already had from my SCA-style costume stash that might be suitable


  • Long white linen dress with red couched trim
  • Long chambray blue cotton/linen dress with black couched cord and pearls
  • Long red linen-look dress with brown/orange trim (which looks like card-weaving) – this won’t work because it has a train.
  • Pink/purple dress with purple fabric trim on sleeves

Caftans and other garments

  • Red robe with pink striped lining – probably not suitable
  • Fur-trimmed grey wool-look side-less surcoat -totally the wrong era, not at all suitable.
  • White-trimmed blue cotton side-less surcoat – ditto, this wouldn’t be right.
  • Black cotton cloak – not really suitable, but might work in a pinch.
  • Red/brown wool cloak – much better
  • Black wool cloak with wool felting – not at all suitable
  • Short linen-look navy blue cloak – not really suitable either…


  • Round brooch/pendant – needs repair
  • Chain mail necklace
  • Brown and white ‘tablet weave’-look belt – possibly useful
  • Linen head coif – I doubt I’d actually wear this actually, but it would be suitable.
  • A number of drawstring and similar purses and pouches – most of which would be useable

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