Jerseylicious – Fabric from Helsinki

In an earlier post “Helsinki Fabric Shopping” I mentioned the fabrics I had picked up while travelling in Finland this summer.

I thought I’d add a few photos of the fabrics themselves.

While I was in Finland, I noticed a few fashion trends:

  • Backless blouses (or nearly backless, or just tops with generously opened backs) always worn over slim-fitting tank tops or camisoles.
  • Light, bright colours (of course, it was summertime, so that’s not so unusual)
  • Brightly coloured shoes (including many brightly coloured sneakers rather than the usual expected neutrals)
  • Simple prints, typically geometric or bold florals in bright colours
  • Sheer tops, both lace and plain materials, often worn over slim-fitting opaque tops, but also often worn simply over pretty bras.

I thought it would be interesting to pick up things that related to the trends I saw, though I’ll adjust some of them when I make them up to better fit my own sense of style and what will flatter me.

Yellow knit from Eurokangas

Yellow knit from Eurokangas

First up, I picked up this rayon (“viskoosi“)jersey.  It was only 3.90 Euro/meter, and has a black, white, and yellow simple floral print.  There is also some silver glitter outlining some of the designs, but it’s pretty subtle, and I expect enough of it will come out in the wash.

Yellow knit from Eurokangas in Helsinki

Yellow knit from Eurokangas in Helsinki

When I went back for my second visit, I saw the same print in other colours (I hadn’t the first time around) and at first went for the purple variation, but then selected the red, black, white (and silver) version instead.  If I had seen it the first time I might not have picked the yellow, since I rarely wear yellow, but the yellow will make for an interesting change of pace.

In the photo above, I hung the fabric up in front of my window – you can get an idea of how sheer the fabric is.

The yellow and red knit.

The yellow and red knit.

I bought three meters (well, 3 of one and 2.8 of the other since that was all there was) each of this semi-sheer jersey.  At first I was going to get less for a top, but my travel companion suggested it might make a nice dress too, so I got more… Of course, if I make a dress, it will have to be lined- or I’ll have to wear a slip under it! I might decide to make up one of the backless/near backless tops with this fabric, to bring the fashion trend to the fabric too.

Three photos of the sheer silk jersey.

Three photos of the sheer silk jersey.

Next I picked this beautiful grey silk jersey.  The fabric is very sheer (even more sheer than the floral print fabric) and at first I bought 1.5 meters, but went back and got 3 meters more. I loved it at first sight, and asked the clerk if there was more in a different colour, but they only had a few colours – all greys and neutrals – and the first grey I liked best of the lot (plus the darker tone will lend better to darker colours if I decide to dye it.) I was first thinking of a drape-front top, perhaps with two layers for the front and one for the back to play up the sheerness.  I also thought of perhaps dying some of the fabric, and layering the grey fabric with it’s dyed twin to allow the two colours to play together with the sheerness.  We’ll see!

In the photo above, the top left shows how sheer the fabric is – the receipt is under one layer of the fabric. Like the yellow fabric hung in front of my window, I did the same with the photo on the right above, and you can see where the fabric is folded clearly – it’s just that sheer.  The bottom left photo above is the best representation of the colour when the fabric is folded up, along with the receipts for the two pieces of fabric.

A better photo to show off the print of the fabric from Eurokangas, but the colour is off.

A better photo to show off the print of the fabric from Eurokangas, but the colour is off. (receipt and more accurate colour inset)

Finally I picked up about a meter and a half of a lovely black and grey swimwear knit. It’s a floral print, but not a super-girly floral print, so I think it will make up really nicely into either a swimsuit, or perhaps a draped-front sleeveless top.  This was sold by the kilogram, rather than the meter, which was interesting – there were a number of bins on one side of the store with fabric sold by weight rather than by the meter, though I found it a bit hard to go through – the first time I was at the shop I didn’t see anything interesting at all, and the second time I found this.  Each bin had a different kind of fabric (swimwear, satins, knits, etc) but they were just piled in the bin, not organized by colour or other ways.

Swimwear fabric from Eurokangas - this accurately represents the colour.

Swimwear fabric from Eurokangas – this accurately represents the colour.

So, now that I’ve shared some of the fabric photos with you, do you have any ideas what I should make?


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