Viking costume inspiration: Accessories: The Mjölnir

Mjölnir – aka “Thor’s Hammer”

Viking costume inspiration: Accessories

I really find that accessories are what really can ‘sell’ a costume. Often a skirt is a skirt, a jacket is a jacket… but with the right accessories a costume totally becomes something different. Plus it means you can also swap one skirt with another and still have the right look…

I started to write one large post all about Viking accessories, but then the sheer amount of elements to look at got just too long for just one post.  I’ve decided to divide up the posts into smaller sections to spread them out a bit and make them hopefully a bit more readable.

The Mjölnir

The photo at the top of this post I originally found on Facebook as posted by the Nautimme Vikings page (and reposted by Úlfhéðnar Kindred). I don’t know the original source unfortunately because where I did find it – it was uncredited.

(**update** – I found the original source! The original image is from MySpace user Colin Factor – he posted a photo of the hammer along with a photo of him and a friend dressed up as Odin and Thor. (Another photo here.) He comments that he carved the hammer out of wood and painted it to look like iron. The same image shows up on the sodahead website along with a number of other images of the hammer.)

For pure “fun” costume, I think it would be a hoot to make something like this – possibly the same way that I made the ankhs for the Masquerade Ball costume. I could see making it with foam core, raising up the image with fun foam, and wrapping the handle with scrap leather.

Of course, that isn’t really realistic for a more authentic costume, but at least the imagery is cool to start with for a smaller pendant version.

For a pendant – well, I’ve looked for one. I found several at a shop in Seattle at Pike Place Market – but the ones that were within my price range, I didn’t really love, and the ones that I loved (or rather, one that I loved) was well outside of what I wanted to pay. I also saw a few at Sanctuary in Edmonton, but none were prices I was cool with paying – and the staff there are so unhelpful most of the time. I wanted to “LOOK” at them – including touching and feeling – and apparently the ones I was interested in didn’t actually come out of their cabinet without a great deal of effort… *eye roll* I love what they carry – but hate trying to shop there, the staff almost always range between oblivious and rude. I’ll keep looking.

**Update** I actually ended up looking for a mjölnir pendant when I was up in Edmonton for PaganFest in April 2013, and found not one, but two! One I found at the bead store in West Edmonton Mall (Beaden), while the other was at the goth/fantasy-themed store in the mall (Millennium). Then I ended up ordering two from a seller on Esty (Beachside Jewellery)- so now I have several to choose from!

Four of the mjölnir pendants I bought.

Four of the pendants I bought.

The mjölnir on the left is from Millennium,  the smallest is from Beaden, and then the two on the right are from Beachside. (I’ll be restringing those I think.)

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  3. […] I bought these not just because they’re neat, but also for my Viking costume (which is still a work-in-progress I’m afraid… ) I’ll be adding them to the others I mentioned in the post “Viking costume inspiration: Accessories: The Mjölnir“ […]

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