Viking costume inspiration: Accessories: Jewelry

Four of the pendants I bought.

Four of the pendants I bought.

Viking costume inspiration: Accessories

I really find that accessories are what really can ‘sell’ a costume. Often a skirt is a skirt, a jacket is a jacket… but with the right accessories a costume totally becomes something different. Plus it means you can also swap one skirt with another and still have the right look..

In this post I’ll continue with more accessories that might help “make” my costume.



Basically a collar-like necklace, torcs are close-fitting and sit on the collar bone, with the decorative ends worn facing forward. Torcs were also worn on the upper arm, with the ends facing out. Originally these were fairly stiff, and wouldn’t have been removed. I think these would drive me nuts to wear, so I won’t be thinking of one to include in this costume.

Torc examples

Pendants, necklaces, rings & earrings

The sky seems to be the limit when it comes to appropriate pendants & rings – there are historical examples of a wide range of items including the mjölnir pendants mentioned previously, crescents, charms to ward off evil or to ask for the help of a deity… I think I’ll stick to my mjölnir pendant for this costume though.

Pendant example 1
Pendant example 2

Necklace examples

Ring example 1
Ring example 2

Pendant examples from 'Folk Metal and a Pagan Life' on Facebook

Pendant examples from ‘Folk Metal and a Pagan Life’ on Facebook

As far as earrings are concerned, well I don’t wear earrings! I’m not so concerned about them, though it seems as though there is some documentation for earrings (mostly simple wire rings), and modern ‘shepards crook’ ear wires are totally inauthentic.

Earring examples


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