Viking costume inspiration: Accessories: more jewelry

Variety of large glass beads

Variety of large glass beads

Viking costume inspiration: Accessories



There seemed to be a wide variety of wrist-bracelets ranging from wide decorated cuffs, to simple twisted torc-like bracelets, (both without closures) to pieces of metal held together with links, and chain-like bracelets( with closures). Designs seemed to be consistent from the 6th – 11th centuries based on examples show on the website.

I have a copper twisted-wire torc-like bracelet, along with a wolf-design cuff that I could likely wear with this costume, rather than investing in new pieces.

Hanging wearable tools

So in addition to the festoon/half-necklace, it looks like women would also hang other things from the apron brooches (and belts). I think some of these things would be cute to add onto the costume provided the weight wasn’t restrictive.

  • toiletry/grooming ‘kit’ – a little set with tweezers, pick to clean nails, and an ear spoon
  • key
  • small knife
  • needle case

I especially like the idea of keys (and I have a number of antique keys and key-shaped charms, so this would be easy).

Viking key copy from Jell Dragon

Viking key copy from Jell Dragon

“Keys were of great social significance to Vikings. 
As part of a marriage ceremony a man would present his wife with his keys to signify that she was responsible for his estate,
and she would wear them on her belt or apron brooches to show that she was a woman of substance. 
Since they were to be displayed, they were often decorated like pieces of jewellery.”Runesmith

The Amorphis song House of Sleep includes a line about giving the woman of a household the ‘big key to the gate’….

Some online sellers

For replicas and other jewelry items, I also found a few sellers online – some of the prices are really dear though, so although I’d like to shop, I might put some of these on my “some day” list.

  • Wulflund: Journey to the past – they carry weaponry, armor, costumes, horns, sculptures, notebooks, home decorating items and more but I’ve linked directly to their Celtic & Viking jewelry section.  Wulflund is located in the Czech Republic.
  • Viking Kristall is located in Sweden, and some of their items are truly beautiful – but quite expensive too.
  • I’ll add more links as I get them – but if you have any to share – please add them to the comments below!
  • Viking Jewellry – This site has some nice examples, but is very simple compared to the others. It does not include online ordering (rather you fill in a form and email it…) and there isn’t a contact page – however the prices are listed in £ – so they must be from the United Kingdom.
  • The Jelling Dragon is another shop with even higher prices, though I do love the new Finnish Dragon chain terminals! They are also located in the United Kingdom.
  • Danegeld is another shop in the U.K.
  • Dragon Shield is located in the USA
  • Asgard Crafts  is another site I’d visited previously – when looking specifically at Viking beads. Located in the U.K., the prices on most items seem pretty good, with similar products as Dragon Shield.

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