Viking costume inspiration: Weapons

Vikings tv show still/promo photo

Vikings tv show still/promo photo


Viking costume inspiration: Weapons

Blades (daggers, swords, battle axes, etc) all seem pretty appropriate for any sort of Viking or Viking/inspired costume, but I don’t want to create a costume that relies on any sort of weaponry to really ‘sell’ the costume, as there might be places I go where anything that looks like a ‘real’ weapon would be banned… even some places don’t allow things that even vaguely look like they might be pretending to be a weapon… (I don’t really know what the reasoning is on this one – is it that they are actually worried about a real threat – or is it that there’s a political agenda against fantasy violence? Regardless, it would suck to base a costume around a prop that then I had to leave at home..)

While shield-maidens certainly would carry a weapon (and a shield! har har) an average woman would likely carry a more practical household tool – but like larger weapons, I’m not too keen on finding one just to have to leave it behind depending on where I went. I’m going to skip weapons and bladed tools for the time being…


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