Traveling in Turku

Hat shop in Turku

Hat shop in Turku

Wrapping up my photos and posts about Finland (or at least those about costume, crafts, and fashion) I thought I’d share a few quick photos from Hattu & Hansikas – a hat shop just around the corner from our hotel in Turku.  Despite my love of all things millinery, I never got the chance to pop into the shop – it was closed when we walked by, due in part to our late schedule, and in part due to the Midsummer holiday.

Still, it was lovely to look through the window at some of the great examples like this embellished felt beret (above).

Hat shop in Turku

Hat shop in Turku

Of course besides beautiful artistic hats, there were also ordinary caps…

The shop also had other accessories like gloves, scarves, etc – but really, my eyes were all on the hats!

Want to see more of my photos of fashion, costume, and crafts from my trip to Finland? Click the Finland Tag, where all of the posts are organized for you!

Hat shop in Turku

Hat shop in Turku

These felt and netting/ostrich feather confections were gorgeous! I would have loved to see how that red hat looked like on me!

I couldn’t find a website for Hattu & Hansikas, but if you’re in the area, you can find them in person.
Hattu & Hansikas
Yliopistonkatu 14, 20100
Turku, Finland
Phone:+358 2 2326814

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