Anubis – Skirt

Anubis costume sketch

Anubis costume sketch

One of the first things I worked on after breaking the Anubis costume down into it’s basic elements was the skirt.  Mostly I did this because  I needed time to think about how to make some of the more complicated elements of the costume while I worked on something that I could do a little faster and easier… (or at least without having to think about it TOO much…)

Of course… this is a REALLY late post.  I ended up blogging all of the other elements, and was waiting on some photos before posting this one…. and then promptly forgot that I hadn’t posted this! I was reminded in September by Cherry (thanks!) but I already had a number of other posts in the queue, so it’s taken until now for some room to open up to let me share this with you. (I don’t like posting something every day… I figure no one want’s to see my Facebook and Twitter streams filled up with JUST costuming!)

Just to remind you… the concept sketch is at the top of the page – if you want to catch up on the other posts, just click the Masquerade Ball tag.

Back to the skirt….


I started out by drafting a basic skirt, shaping the hem and estimating the length.  I also drafted the front flag and the tie-shaped flag as well along with the side panels.  I considered making the side panels permanently attached to the skirt – but the more I thought about it, the less I thought that these side panels will actually work… and so I hesitated to do all the work on the skirt – just to find out that the side panels won’t work….


The skirt is cut in the gold fabric from Marshall’s, with a strip of black broadcloth, and then the second gold fabric (cut on the straight of grain for the back of the skirt, and on an angle for the front of the skirt).  The black broadcloth stripe is trimmed in teal (unfilled) piping – cut from a stretch mesh which is doubled up.  The stretch mesh is hardly the “right” fabric for this – but it’s the perfect colour, and since it is just for that colour and doesn’t need to actually DO anything, the fabric doesn’t matter as much.

I wanted to cut the second gold fabric on an angle for the front of the skirt so that the stripes would fall correctly – if I just cut a band of fabric, the stripe wouldn’t fall in the right way.   The skirt has front and back darts, along with a back zipper.  I also drafted a regular straight waistband for the skirt.

Front ‘flag’ panel

Originally I was going to do this panel in white with a gold stripe and a black stripe, but instead when I got to my fabric stash downstairs, I decided to do this in black with a gold stripe instead, framed, like the skirt, with teal piping. This is the same length as the back of the skirt (so it will hang across the highest part of the angle on the front) and I sewed the stripe to the black fabric, and then backed it right-sides-together with some of the striped gold fabric (from the lower part of the skirt) and sewed up three sides turned, and stitched the top.  This is sewn inside the waist band, so there’s no need for the top edge to be finished

Front ‘tie’ panel

I don’t really know what else to call this, so I’m calling it a ‘tie’ shaped panel…

I drafted it, then when I cut the fabric out, I wasn’t pleased with the size, so re-drafted it and sewed it up in black with gold piping.  When I pinned it all together – I hated it.  I don’t know why – but it just looked goofy. So, rather than try to keep going, I just ditched the whole thing and finished off the skirt with the waistband without bothering with the front tie-shaped panel.

I liked the idea of an ankh-shaped decoration here, but it just didn’t work mentally for me.  I’m not slim and trim like my sketching model, and adding the extra attention to my waist didn’t seem like a great idea (especially since I’m throwing ‘how to look thinner’ rules out of the playbook already by having a gold skirt)! Plus, since I would need to be able to move around a lot (including sitting) in the costume, I didn’t foresee a good way to have the ankh shaped other than an applique, which would hold up and keep it’s shape with movement.

Side curved panels

I wasn’t sure how these would work… but originally decided to make them seperate from the rest of the skirt just in case they didn’t work. When I tried on the skirt the plan still seemed like a good one – but then I decided to try it on with the shirt I intended to wear…. (a long-sleeved t-shirt – no need to make one really, I just had a purchased one instead.) Frankly, the shirt looked terrible.  So I switched things up and tried a black turtleneck sweater instead.  This looked better, and I realized that because of the length, colour, and bulk of the shirt – the side panels would be completely redundant.

So, ultimately I decided not to make them either…

Then, when I was getting dressed in the costume, I didn’t wear the turtleneck either… LOL… I might end up making the side panels in the future if I can find a shirt that I like better to wear with this.. but in the meantime, that’s how the costume came together!

So the costume is complete!

I’ll post in a few days the complete costume – so stay tuned!

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