Anubis costume – complete!

Anubis costume

Anubis costume

Hurrah! Thanks to a reminder, I got copies of the photos that were taken of me wearing my Anubis costume, which I made for a holiday party LAST YEAR.  (I know.  I’m terrible…) (I actually had these ready in late September, but then I had so many other posts in the queue…)


Just as a refresher, here’s my original sketch:

Anubis costume sketch

Anubis costume sketch

Breaking down the costume:


This I just wore a purchased top. I honestly went back and forth about what I wanted to wear – a turtleneck, a bodysuit, a long sleeved t- and finally a short sleeved sweater-t.  I actually don’t love the short sleeves in the photos, but I just couldn’t settle on something. This will need to be revisited when I don’t have ‘other opinions’ weighing in on what I should wear…

If I decide to upgrade this costume, I might think about doing this top, and having the ‘armbands’ I originally imagined incorporated in the top directly. I couldn’t really get the armbands to work, so this might be an alternative.


I wanted to wear black leggings as well to get that feeling of being a black creature. This would have worked better if I had a long sleeved top too.. I also planned to wear black gloves, but that fell aside to practicality – since I had to work and eat in this costume. The leggings were purchased too… I might have been able to wear black tights, but oddly enough I didn’t have any plain black tights!


In the head-on photo of the headdress, (below) I really felt like the headdress worked – however in other views I don’t love it as much.  I wonder if it’s just a matter of trying to recreate something three-dimensional with only drawings (which aren’t always realistic) to go from.  Either way – it definitely gives the effect that I was going for, even if it isn’t 100% perfect.  I’m happy with it overall.  Read more about the headdress here.  

Anubis costume

Anubis costume

Large ‘collar’ necklace

I ended up loving how the necklace turned out – although it would have worked much better with a different neckline on the shirt below.  You can read the full post about the collar necklace here. 

I also wore a scarab pin, which I made from a brass stamping from Etsy.  The stamping was from seller Glamour Girl Beads, and you can get one by clicking this link if you’re interested.  I also and the long pendant necklace I made out of clay after molding it from a silver pendant I own.  Read more about the pendant in this post (click the link). I was going to wear a copper bracelet, but forgot on the day of the event!

Ankh staff

For both the carried ankh and the ankh staff I started off with the same sort of technique, building the large items with foamcore board and styrofoam, and then covering them with paper mache, then using wood filler, and sanding them. From there I  painted them and added painted details, before sealing the paint with a spray sealer.  They were tremendous amounts of work, but I really like the overall finished effect.

For the staff I had a long (6 foot) piece of bamboo, and a strip of sheer white fabric. I wound the fabric around the top of the pole, and then put the ankh down over top.  Click this link to read the full post about the staff.  I would have liked to paint the pole gold, but I wasn’t sure that the bamboo was the right kind of pole… I’m still not 100% sure. I don’t have a long dowel the right length and diameter right now either, so I’ll leave it with the bamboo for now until something else inspires me.  The only challenge I had with the staff was transportation – with the ankh on the top, it wouldn’t fit easily in the car for transportation! I ended up taking it apart in order to get to and from my event!

Carried ankh

The ankh that I carried I ended up calling a “purse” – of course it didn’t hold anything other than a slim pen-flashlight, but I needed to call it something! This I made in the same way as the staff, and popped the flashlight in for the event. I loved having the light in it – though it never really did get dark enough at the event for it to be noticeable. Oh well…. Click this link to read the full post about the carried ankh.

Anubis costume

Anubis costume


I love the mask of this costume – it was easy to wear, but it was also a bit awkward when it came to looking down that long nose all night. I did end up taking it off a lot to eat and do things throughout the night, but to me, it’s really what ‘makes’ this costume.  Without it, it’s just any other Egyptian-mythology-inspired costume, but the mask really sets it off as Anubis. I’d love to do black face paint and try some photos again with it… I just need to find a photographer to help me out! *hint hint* Read the full post about the mask here. 


My hair is all done in rope braids. If you don’t know how to do rope braids, check out this YouTube video – she starts talking about them at about 1:09.  Basically I wanted something that would have the effect of dreadlocks – long, stringy, but chunky unlike micro braids.  I thought these were super-effective and loved them – although they were time-consuming and fussy to do by myself.


I posted about the skirt two days ago, this is is an asymmetrical skirt with four layers of “trim” and a front belt/flag/ I don’t know what to call it.. which also has layers of trim on the hem. It’s a fitted skirt with a back zipper and front and back darts.  Read the full post about the skirt here

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