Playing with Liquitex Pouring Medium

Blue abstract painting work in progress

Blue abstract painting work in progress

Years ago I fell in love with a painting that was way out of my price range… but I just couldn’t get it out of my head. When I saw the Liquitex Pouring Medium at the art supply store, I suspected that it was responcible for creating the look that the artist had accomplished.

I picked it up, and then took a look at a few different YouTube videos.

My experiments – a work in progress

The instructions suggested pouring the medium on plastic sheeting, then adding acrylic paints on top of the medium, letting the colours flow (albeit not together).  I decided to give it a try, and came up with two variations – one that I wanted to feel sort of underwater – with blues, purples, and silvers – a very cool, relaxing, serene sort of feeling.

A second I did in blacks, reds, and golds – I wanted a feeling of heat, lava, brimstone and hellishness – I ended up not liking this one nearly as much though for whatever reason… even though these were the tones and feelings I got out of the original inspiration image!

After letting the acrylics dry, the videos suggested peeling them off the plastic, and then they could be cut, torn, and applied onto canvas.  I used less expensive canvas boards rather than stretched canvas frames for these paintings. I underpainted the canvas, aiming for a variety of matching colours and then applied the “skin”.

From there I went back in with more acrylic paints to add shadows and more movement within the piece.  Then I sealed the painting with a glossy medium.

Another technique

After trying the first technique, I thought I’d look at other techniques, and saw the following video:

It really makes me want to try this technique too – though I don’t have any of the soft body acrylic colour or acrylic inks!

While you’re looking at some of these art techniques, check out what some other artists are doing with this medium – Puddle of Thoughts has some amazing, beautiful pieces of art!

4 comments on “Playing with Liquitex Pouring Medium

  1. amanda says:

    could i do this directly on a canvas in stead of peeling it off and reapplying and if so what changes would i need to make.

    • Dawn says:

      Yep, you certainly can do it directly on the canvas. The benefit of doing it on the plastic is that if you don’t love it – you don’t have to use it. Plus, peeling it off the plastic lets you reapply it with added texture…. when you pour it it’s totally smooth.

  2. karen says:

    How can I make my own pouring medium to add to my own acrylic paint? Can I use gelatin or maybe glycerin??

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