Pottery Sale & FCA art show

Fairview Pottery sale

Fairview Pottery sale

Back in May, I went to the Fairview Studios Pottery Sale at the Canyon Meadows Community Hall.  I took some photos, and since the posts about their Open House were so popular I thought I’d post them now, rather than waiting until after the holidays (since I bought some of my holiday gifts WAY in advance there…)

My cousin attends classes at the studio, and she recommended I attend the sale.

Fairview Pottery sale

Fairview Pottery sale

After the pottery sale, I also checked out the Federation of Canadian Artists show as well. This was only a few weeks after the Calyx art show, and it was interesting that although some of the artists were at both shows (Tracy Proctor and Sharon Williams for instance), the ‘mood and feel’ of the show seemed quite different.

FCA art show

FCA art show (face blurred for privacy)

I took a few photos of things that I really liked – I thought it was super cute that there was someone painting outside – in the inside an artist was also doing coloured pencil work. Her name is Dee Poisson (the artist of the flowers at the top in the image below called A Secure Surrounding), and the artwork is extraordinary! She uses expensive artist coloured pencils, and a four-layered cotton “museum riser” board, which is really absorbent, so she can layer the pencil colours to blend colours and create wonderful depth. I really enjoyed talking to her about her work.

FCA art show

FCA art show

Below the flowers is a mountain watercolour landscape that I really liked by artist Leslie Scherger.  I really liked the ‘simple’ appearance of the painting, and I also really liked the way it was matted and framed – it really enhanced the painting. (I took a photo of the description card, and I think this piece is called Higher Elevations, but the photo turned out a bit blurry.)

At the bottom right is an encaustic piece by Tracy Proctor  called Light Through The Fog – I liked this piece right away – so beautiful!

Of course, I only am publishing little snippets of the artwork – click the links to see the galleries of the artists/contact the artists themselves!

…so, about those spoilers

At the beginning of the post I mentioned ‘spoilers’ – of course I didn’t want to give anyone any hints about their upcoming gifts, so the post where I’ll show off what I purchased will be coming later, after the holidays!

One comment on “Pottery Sale & FCA art show

  1. Dawn says:

    Funny enough, the day that this posted, my cousin posted about Fairview’s next sale: “Fairview Studios Pottery Sale – Saturday, Nov. 23, 2013 from 9:00 to noon at Canyon Meadows Community Hall. Free admission, door prizes – amazing pottery for sale.”

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