Anubis mask completed

My Anubis mask

My Anubis mask

A while back I posted about my completed Anubis costume, and I had a few requests for more photos of the completed mask.

Read the full post about making the mask here. 

My Anubis mask - nose close up

My Anubis mask – nose close up

I purposefully didn’t include finished photos of the mask in the ‘making of’ post (since I really wanted to share what it looked like totally done)  but since people wanted to see a few more photos than the ones I shared in the completed costume post, I figured I’d make a short photo-post of just the mask!  Keep in mind these are quick photos taken down in my basement – perhaps I’ll find someone to work with and take some really good photos in the future!?

From the completed costume post: “I love the mask of this costume – it was easy to wear, but it was also a bit awkward when it came to looking down that long nose all night. I did end up taking it off a lot to eat and do things throughout the night, but to me, it’s really what ‘makes’ this costume.  Without it, it’s just any other Egyptian-mythology-inspired costume, but the mask really sets it off as Anubis. “

Anubis 'earring' close up

Anubis ‘earring’ close up

I love the ‘earring’ on the one ear – it’s actually a keyring! I had to paint it, which means it’s not especially resilient to chipping, but I don’t really worry about it being beaten up too much! I also love the gold ‘inside’ of the ear….

My Anubis mask profile view

My Anubis mask profile view

The side view is a bit different – I don’t like it as much, but I think it’s ok – it’s definitely unique! I’m not totally happy with the headdress – but I looked all over the place for a pattern without luck. It was only when I was browsing on Pinterest that someone posted about a pattern being in “From the Neck Up” – a book I recieved during my millinery class.  Turns out… the book has a pattern in it!

I might just have to go back and re-make this headdress at some point….  Maybe even tweak this costume into more steampunk?

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