A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Alice in Wonderland Pinterest board

Alice in Wonderland Pinterest board

If you follow my blog regularly, you’ll realize that I started on the costume for a theme party – before even finishing off everything I wanted to make for the Viking costume I’ve been working on.  At the beginning of November I posted looking for ideas, and used Pinterest quite a lot to brainstorm ideas.

As I mentioned in my late November post about purchased costume hats, the party theme is a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, and.. well. .. things didn’t go quite as planned.

A week before the party – I got sick.  I had hoped that it was just a normal cold, but I just couldn’t shake it, and even while sick I kept trying to finish off the costume so I could wear it to the party, but a few days before the party I was still really sick.  I’m going to still share some of the costume, even though now I haven’t yet had the chance to wear it.

If you’re reading this afterwards, you can read all the posts I (eventually) write following the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party category.

Alice in Wonderland Pinterest board

Alice in Wonderland Pinterest board

Pinterest Inspiration

In the meantime, feel free to check out my Pinterest boards. When I first started, I wasn’t sure which character I wanted to be inspired by. When the Tim Burton movie opened, I dressed up with a big group of people for the openning, and did a Steampunk Jabberwock – but since that costume wasn’t quite right for this event (it requires things like claws and wings that aren’t exactly working-the-party-friendly) I knew I’d need a new inspiration….

I divided my boards up into:


I eventually settled on sort of a Steampunk or Neo-Victorian inspired Red Queen.. who has borrowed the Mad Hatter’s hat. Hopefully I’ll have some interesting posts for you in the near future!


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