Returning to Dressew

Rolls of fabric inside Dressew

Rolls of fabric inside Dressew

In December I headed to Vancouver for a short visit, (to see Canadian alternative rock band Moist on their Resurrection reunion tour) and while I was there I had to pop into Dressew for a quick (well… 2 hours…) visit and shopping trip. While I spent a lot of time debating getting some very bulky (and not suitcase-friendly) wool coating, I thought I’d share a few photos with you of the shop. You can also go back to one of my earlier posts about Dressew to learn more and to see more photos.

Address: 337 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1H6
Phone:(604) 682-6196


I can’t post about Moist without posting a photo as well! This is Mark Makoway, the guitar player for the band.

Mark from Moist

Mark from Moist


Want more?

Want more photos of Dressew or a few more thoughts on this shop? Visit the Sewaholic blog, this post at Thimble, Vancouver is Awesome, a heads-up from Got Craft about Dressew’s Anniversary Sale (back in 2011, but maybe they’ll keep having sales in the first week of February?), or this post on Miso Crafty when the author travelled from Vancouver Island to Vancouver for a shopping trip.

2 comments on “Returning to Dressew

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