Pottery gifts

Beautiful purple and blue bowl

Beautiful purple and blue bowl

I mentioned back in November about a pottery show I attended, where I picked up a few of my holiday gifts – WAY in advance. Now that the holidays have passed, and I’ve given away most of the gifts (… and for those I missed catching up with before the holidays.. just pretend to be surprised!)

For gifts I bought:

  • A gorgeous purple and blue bowl
  • A fantastic blue/green teapot
  • A lovely blue/brown mug
  • …. and then, just for me – I bought a blue, black, and red bowl.

Not only are all of the pieces functional (dishwasher and oven safe!) but they’re also wonderful one-of-a-kind pieces of art from local potters right here in Calgary.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve also included a photo in the slideshow of another Raku tea bowl which I’ve also given away as a gift. This one is just pretty though, due to the nature of the Raku pottery and the glazes used, these are really porous, and not suitable for food.

What kind of gifts did you give to those you care for this year? Did you choose to make your own, or shop with local artists, artisans, & craftspeople?


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