“January’s Ring” painting

Mixed media painting

Mixed media painting

The other day I shared with you a painting that I recently completed after reading Nancy Reyner’s Acrylic Illuminations. I ended up actually doing two paintings, (though I showed off the one below which I like better first).

Mixed media painting

Mixed media painting

I actually started this painting first, wanting to try out the technique in a different way than in the Silver Flow painting. This painting is done on gold leaf instead of silver leaf, and it didn’t quite turn out the way I had intended, but I still kind of like it.

Inspired by

Along with the techniques discussed in Acrylic Illuminations, I also was loving Carol Nelson’s Glowing Stones, but wanted something a bit more my style. While I was planning the painting, a local jewellery designer EV Stenroos was tweeting about garnets (the birth stone associated with January) which I love… so I kept to a red and copper colour scheme inspired by the stones along with the golden leaf and golden paints like a ‘setting’ of a garnet ring.

Mixed media painting

Mixed media painting

In the painting above I’ve tilted the painting a different way and you can see the different light from the gold leaf below and the way the different coloured glazes change and shift with the light.

Like my previous painting, I tweeted a sneak preview about this one as well – come follow me on Twitter if you want to see more!

The final painting is covered with acrylic self-levelling clear gel until I can varnish the final piece.  (As I mentioned in my last post, I have a few works-in-progress right now, and will just do them all at once once the paints and mediums are fully dry.)

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