Raid your sewing stash for a good cause

April 9 fabric finds

April 9, 2011 fabric finds

If you’re a sewer or knitter, you probably have a few lengths of fabric or a few balls of yarn that you know you’ll never use. If you’re like me, you hold on to them as tiny treasures of promises yet to be fulfilled, with all of the projects that ‘could be’ tempting you to hold on to them… even when you rationally know that you’ll never use up half your stash as it is…

So… if you’re doing your spring cleaning, what about donating some of those unused treasures to fill someone else’s stash cupboard – and help out a good cause in the meantime?

The Ujamaa Grandmothers are holding their annual fabric and yarn drive April 23-24, 2014.  They’re looking for unused fabric, yarn, notions, embellishments, patterns, sewing/craft/knitting books, and sewing machines for the Annual Unused Fabric Sale.  Visit their website for more information about where to drop off your treasures, and what times they’re accepting donations here:

And if you’re trying to build your crafty stash…

The main area with tables of fabric - and a LOT of people!

The main area with tables of fabric – and a LOT of people!

Of course this means if you want to increase your stash instead of downsizing, get your reuseable shopping bags ready and find your tag-team shopping partner (or at least someone who can run to the food truck and get you a hot cup of coffee while you wait in line) because the sale is coming too!

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Just don’t ask me how much of the fabric I’ve used already….


One comment on “Raid your sewing stash for a good cause

  1. […] are in Calgary, you had the chance to get to the Ujamaa Grandmothers  fabric sale this year. I mentioned it at the beginning of April, and marked my calendar as soon as I heard about the […]

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