Silver Viking Knit with lion heads

Silver Viking Knit chain with lion-head end caps and spring-gate clasp

Silver Viking Knit chain with lion-head end caps and spring-gate clasp

After using all of the wire I already had, I needed to head out to get more, so headed to the Northlands Beads & Plenty more. In particular I wanted to make some Viking Chain that I could use the gorgeous new lion-head end caps I’d received from an Etsy seller!

Unfortunately although I was looking for 26 gauge wire, their selection wasn’t great for what I wanted, so I ended up picking up some 24 gauge Non-Tarnish Silver (silver plated). The spool was 15 yards (13.72 meters) and it was $8.25

While working with the wire, I found it a little ‘stiffer’ than the 26 gauge, which was super soft – though it was still far easier to work with than the stainless steel I had started off with!

I used 2 15 yard spools of the 24 gauge wire, and when I took the wire off the dowel, it was 58 cm long (almost 23 inches) and after going through the largest hole in my draw-plate, the finished length was 88.5 cm (almost 35 inches). The largest hole in my draw-plate is a perfect match for the openings in the end caps I bought.

The finished chain length after going through the draw plate

The finished chain length after going through the draw plate

I didn’t need all the length that I had made, so I clipped the finished chain down to size, which resulted in a length long enough for a bracelet… which I’ll show you in a few days! When clipping the wires, there are lots of little leftover half-loops to watch out for, but the end result after shaking out/picking out all of those stray wires is a lot of loops with the one free end.

I added two beads onto the chain near the ends, and then used an adhesive suitable for metal to secure the ends of the silver Viking Knit chain into the lion-head end caps.



For this project I used:

  • 2 spools of Artistic Wire – 24 gauge – Non-Tarnish Silver (silver plated) – 15 yard spool for $8.25 from Beads & Plenty More Northlands.
  • Lion-head end caps/terminals from a seller on Etsy
  • Spring gate clasp from a seller on Etsy
  • Two large-hole beads from Beads & Plenty More

3 comments on “Silver Viking Knit with lion heads

  1. […] also added a rhinestone-covered heart-shaped lock to the silver Viking Knit chain with lion head end caps. (Pictured above) I think I like this one even better! I originally […]

  2. Lori says:

    I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for lion head end caps! I searched Etsy where you said you found them, to no avail. I wonder if you would mind forwarding me the URL for said caps?
    Thank you, from Canada.

    • Dawn says:

      Hi Lori – I took a look, and it looks like the shop is out at the moment or something, because they’re not coming up in my search either right now. I did see them for sale from a seller from China too – but am a bit nervous of just general websites in China having my credit card information!

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