Painted Mjölnir bowl

Mjölnir bowl

Mjölnir bowl (hard to photograph; it’s so shiny!)

I’m currently the chair of the Social Committee at work, and one of our projects is an annual event in April. Last year we chose to do a pottery-painting party which was hugely successful. We brought in mugs along with paint and tools, the staff painted their mugs, and then we took them to one of those “paint your own pottery” places to have them glazed and fired.

This year we decided to repeat the plan since it worked so well (and that made it easier for us to plan too!) but expanded to offer our colleagues the choice of a bowl or a mug. Last year I had a plan going into the mug painting (a black and red mug with the Turisas logo on it. This year however I really had NO idea what I wanted to do… so just started off painting the bowl a dark red, then trimmed it in black.. and finally in the last little bit of the event I painted two black Mjölnir (Thor’s Hammer) designs on each side, and then added detail with a fine point red (which is actually intended to write your name on the bottom of the piece).

I like it! And it kind of goes with the mug from last year… plus – now we’ll have more bowls in the staff kitchen for soup and morning cereal! (Yeah… I often eat breakfast at work since I can’t get up early enough to eat breakfast at home…)

Last year’s mug in progress

Last year’s mug once fired

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