Stainless Viking Knit two ways

The unfilled end of the Viking knit with horse-head terminal

The unfilled end of the Viking knit with horse-head terminal

After one Viking Knit project in Stainless Steel with lion-head terminals, I had some of the knit chain remaining. It wasn’t enough to make anything with as it was, so I set it aside until I could think of something else to do with it.

On a similar note, after making my first Viking Knit chain in Stainless Steel, I made a duplicate with the thought of using the two pieces together, but opted instead to use one  for the choker, and the other I reserved…

The leftover piece I filled with thick leather cord, and then drew it down even smaller than it had originally been – down to the same diameter as the other chain. I decided to put these two pieces of “leftover” chain together, very similar to the necklace made with two different kinds of hand-made cord.

Here’s the result:


4 comments on “Stainless Viking Knit two ways

  1. kitschnsink says:

    Lovely work.

    Where were you able to find “lion head” end caps?

    • Dawn says:

      I got them from a seller on Etsy – there were a few different sellers – so take a look & find one that works for you (shipping, location, cost, etc)

  2. What cement are you using? I am having an impossible time cementing these horse heads whereas I have had no problems with lions, snakes, etc.

    • Dawn says:

      I’m using E6000 for these, and most of what I work with like this. I haven’t had any additional problems with them; they’ve behaved the same as the other clasps for me. (Have you ever found any wolf or raven ones? That’s what I would REALLY like next…)

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