Wire wrapping class

Wire wrapping examples

Wire wrapping examples

Today I’m going for an interview with a local bead shop for the chance to do some teaching through their shop. The friend who made the introduction said that they were looking for wire-wrapping for the next class, so I pulled together some samples from my ‘stash’ to bring to the interview – and if I get the job, for samples for the class to see.

From top left clockwise:

  • Cage-style wire-wrapped glass cabochon (with a red faceted glass bead strung on red leather kumihimo braid).
  • Free-form style wire-wrapped lava with olivine crystals (topped off with a sea glass style clear/white bead).
  • Coil-wrapped wire and bead bracelet. This is a re-creation of a bracelet I did previously, so for this one I just used plastic faceted beads as an example, instead of the glass beads I originally used (for a bracelet I subsequently gave away as a gift).
  • Free-form style wire-wrapped beach-found coral from Hawaii (accented with teal-blue silver-lined seed beads).

For the class I also pulled together a few brochures on how to do some techniques like the free-form style, the cage-style, and the coil-wrapped bracelet style. After the class is over I’ll try to post the instructions here on my blog too! Let me know in the comments below what you’d like to see first!

Wish me luck!



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