Wire wrapping class – success!

Wire wrapping necklace, bracelet and earrings from The Bead Shop, Calgary

Wire wrapping necklace, bracelet and earrings from The Bead Shop, Calgary

On August 15 I posted about going to an interview to teach a class on wire-wrapping.  I did not have a lot of information going to the interview, and it actually turned out that the shop owner had an original teacher for this class who was unavailable – hence she needed a very last-minute substitute teacher.

She had a small display (above) of the completed project, and the following day… I was teaching the class! There were 10 participants, and each of them picked out their own beads, components, supplies and findings. Some of them had their own tools, but the shop also supplied some other tools straight off the wall for those without their own.

I walked everyone through each of the individual steps of the necklace (I knew with a group of mostly beading-newbies I would not have time to do all three pieces) and most of the class finished off a good portion – some finishing the necklace entirely.  I hope that those who did not finish in the 2 hours allotted would have the confidence to complete the necklace (or even the whole set!) at home.

Here are two photos of the class participants – one wearing her brand-new necklace, and the other holding hers up right before attaching her clasp.

It was an interesting experience to jump into someone else′s class – rather than developing my own, but I think it was a really good class and that everyone learned something new 🙂

If you attended this class – feel free to leave a comment about what you thought, and if you want to learn other techniques – like some of those pictured in my earlier post, please ask The Bead Store to bring me back to teach some more! 🙂 

The shop loaded up more photos from the class on their Facebook page.

The shop offers free workshops every weekend; bring your own tools, and buy just your supplies (beads, findings, etc) at the shop before class starts.

The Bead Store 
Fashion Jewelry Outlet
150 495 36 Street NE
Calgary, Alberta



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