Hand-Made Penannular Brooch

Hand-Made Penannular Brooch

Hand-Made Penannular Brooch

Before I headed to Victoria, BC, I was keeping my eyes open for a Penannular brooch that I would like to purchase, but in the meantime I thought that I would try to make one of my own. I did end up getting my own ready-made, though I really like the ones I made too!  I’m sure there are better ways of making them, but since I don’t have much metal work experience, working with wire seemed like a good compromise that wouldn’t stress out my skill-set (or my budget!).


  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Fine-needle nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Hammer
  • Forceps
  • Mini anvil
  • Cylindrical shaping tool (I used a film canister for my larger one, and a Mr. Sketch marker for the smaller one.)
tools and materials for my Hand-Made Penannular Brooch

tools and materials for my Hand-Made Penannular Brooch


  • 16 gauge silver-plated wire (I bought this at the bead store)


I made this brooch twice – once larger, and once smaller. On the first version I did  it a bit differently, but the second time I thought worked better, so here’s what I did:

  1. Cut a length of wire for the brooch, and another for a pin. Both can be trimmed if needed later, so cut a little longer if you’re not sure.
  2. For the brooch I shaped the wire around a cylindrical object (I used what was handy) overlapping the ends
  3. Using the very small needle-nose pliers I shaped one of the ends into a loop, and set the brooch aside for the moment.
  4. For the pin, I curled one end into a ring, which will go around the brooch.
  5. The other end I shaped into a point by hammering it and turning the wire. I found holding the pin with forceps helped a lot to hammer the wire – and not my fingers! (Especially with the smaller brooch.)
  6. I also hammered the length of the pin to work-harden it and retain the flat, straight shape.
  7. Before sliding the pin onto the brooch, I hammered the wire to work-harden it, shape it, and shape the ring.
  8. Next I slid the pin onto the brooch, and repeated the loop on the other side of the brooch.
  9. Finally I hammered the brooch (sections at a time, avoiding the pin) to flatten the loops and work-harden the wire into the nearly-a-circle shape.
Hand-Made Penannular Brooches

Hand-Made Penannular Brooches


Before I made my versions, there was a tutorial I found on Pinterest which recommends #6 copper wire for plumbing plus a brass braising rod.
However, I have also pinned this one from Deviant Art which uses a metal ring and Super Sculpty.


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