Viking hammer of Thor necklace at the Saga Museum

child figure at the Saga museum wearing a Thor's hammer necklace

child figure at the Saga museum wearing a Thor’s hammer necklace

I have a super-short post today taking my lovely readers back to Iceland again, and the Saga Museum in Reykjavik.
I was rather pleased to see this young male character’s wax figure wearing a Thor’s hammer (Mjölnir) pendant on a cord. Continue reading

DIY Whipcord / 4-strand braid

My first strand of whipcord

My first strand of whipcord

I mentioned in my red linen apron dress post that I had used some four-strand braid / whipcord on the top edge of the apron dress… well that was AFTER I learned how to make it (of course!) I just am posting these a little backwards.

I also mentioned whipcord/ 4-strand braid in my previous post, where I had a bunch of different links for instructions/etc.  Well – here’s the results! Continue reading

Historical Sew Fortnightly #17 Yellow

Well.. I really WANTED to do the #17 Challenge for the Historical Sew Fortnightly. I’ve been trying to do every second challenge, since I’m also trying to do some other sewing, take a few classes, work full time and all the rest – but this one just refused to come together.

I’ll admit, I don’t really LIKE the colour yellow. It doesn’t suit me, it’s too bold for regular wear, and the challenge was to use yellow as the main colour – not just as a tiny accent on something.

 “#17: Yellow – due Mon 15 September. Embrace the sunny side with something in any shade of yellow.”

But, on Pinterest I found a photo… I loved it.. and it was gold (that’s like yellow!) velvet – oh.. and did I happen to mention that at the last Grandmother’s fabric sale I picked up some gold silk velvet?

I wanted to make this dress:

(If the linked url doesn’t work, it’s

So, I drafted up the pattern – laid it out – and I didn’t have enough fabric. I bemoaned the fact for a while on Facebook, tried to come up with some other plan to make it work (make it shorter, substitute in another fabric..) I even auditioned a number of possible lining/coordinating fabrics in hopes of making it work – but it just wouldn’t work.

Still – I hoped. I had some purple velvet along with a recent purchase of some similarly-toned purple fabric to coordinate with it – so I used that to do a mock-up… I was hoping that I would discover that I’d drafted the pattern far too large and I would be able to make the dress in gold after all – nope. Fits perfectly (or at least so far, I’m not quite done yet..)

Oh well. Maybe I’ll just have to keep my eyes out for another meter of gold silk velvet…


Viking embellishment – whipcord / 4-strand braid

My first strand of whipcord

My first strand of whipcord

For one of the projects I’m working on,wanted to make whipcord for the trim. I hadn’t ever made whipcord before, nor did I know how to make it… so I figured this would be  a good time to gather some resources – first to see if whipcord is even ‘period’, and next to learn how to make it! Continue reading

Red Linen Apron Dress

Red linen apron dress - just missing the brooches!

Red linen apron dress – just missing the brooches!

After making the blue linen apron dress, I wanted to adjust the pattern and make it up in red as well. This also happened to coordinate perfectly with the Historical Sew Fortnightly challenge #16! (Read more about that at the end.)

I used the 100% linen IL019 – multi-purpose linen in a 5.3 oz/yd weight, in colour Biking Red – its a bit less cranberry than the photo online (at least on my monitor) and pretty much exactly the colour I had in mind. (Shown with the black linen underdress from a previous post.) Continue reading