Satin Moon Peacock panels

Peacock panels from Satin Moon in Victoria, BC

Peacock panels from Satin Moon in Victoria, BC

A quick “shopping” / stash post to share with you… from the Satin Moon Quilt Shop in Victoria, BC.
I bought two of them with the hopes that they would work well on an Art Nouveau-style of coat or jacket… Right now they’re just in my stash, waiting for me to be inspired and use them…

Do you ever just buy things that are beautiful…without necessarily knowing how you’ll use them?

I’ve tried to stop… but every now and then I’m inspired.

This panel isn’t on the Satin Moon Quilt Shop website right now.. but if you’re in Victoria, I recommend checking them out.

Satin Moon Quilted Garden
825 Fort Street
V8W 1H6 Victoria, B.C. CANADA

Victoria Bead Town Designs

Beads from the shop in Victoria

Beads from the shop in Victoria

With the holidays approaching I’m taking a little time to spend making gifts, socializing with friends, meeting up with family, and eventually wrapping and sharing gifts.. so in the meantime, I have some super-quick posts to share with you that aren’t too distracting from your own making/socializing/meeting/wrapping/sharing  schedules, but that I wanted to share nonetheless.

I’ll start off with a little showcase from long ago – my visit this past summer to the Victoria Bead Town Designs store in Victoria, BC, Canada.

My purchases at the bead store

I bought a few things while I was there (above) – two blue, red, and white lampwork beads (which I had planned on using for a Viking festoon), four expensive real amber beads (which were also intended for the festoon, but the hole is too small, so into the stash they went for a future project instead…) and a package each of red and blue glass beads. I thought that these looked very similar to some of the Viking age artifacts I’ve seen in museum displays, plus the price was pretty good for “filler” beads for my necklaces/festoons. Continue reading

ipsy December – Thinking of You


I promise this won’t become a beauty blog – but I joined ipsy not too long ago and thought that I’d share a few thoughts & reviews with you in case you’re interested in subscribing too.

For those of you who don’t know what ipsy is.. you subscribe (often following a link like that, to give “points” to anyone who referred you..) for $10/month (US$.. it’s about $15 for us Canadians…) and each month they send you a little bag with 4-5 samples of different products in it. The idea is that you do a little quiz in advance and let them know your skin tone, personal style, etc, so that the samples are a bit more specific to you and your beauty style. You can change your answers to get different things for future too if your style changes, or they way they interpret your quiz results in you getting things you don’t really like…

From there they get pretty spammy if you ask me – you’re asked to rate, review, talk about, post about… every. little. thing. through your social channels (Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram right now) for “points” (Well, you get points for Facebook & Twitter, I don’t think you get any points for posting on Instagram). Accumulate a mountain of points, and you can get a free lip gloss or something. It didn’t seem worth it to me to annoy my friends with their automated posts.

Right now for 500 points you can get a lipgloss, or for 1,000 points an eyeliner. Right now after being part of ipsy for 3 months I have 110 points…. it’s going to take a while to get that lipgloss…

The products from ipsy – Review

But, apart from their spammy marketing, some of the samples are cute… which is what this post is REALLY about.

1) Coolway Boost Repair Treatment – 1oz of a deep-conditioner with a fancy name. It smells good though, but isn’t any different as far as I can see from my regular Ion deep conditioner. 3/10 wouldn’t buy

My December ipsy bag

My December ipsy bag

2) Crown Brush infinity shadow/crease duet brush – I don’t have a double-ended brush for a reason – I store my (dry) brushes upright in a container. This one is going to get squished. Still I was pretty happy to see it in my bag, because I clicked off “tools” on my wish-list, and hadn’t seen anything in my previous bags. I gave it a try, and found it nice and soft, and it spread my eyeshadow nicely. I’ll likely keep it in my office bag, to avoid keeping it at home upright. 6/10 likely wouldn’t buy a double-ended again.

3) Nyx Cosmetics Butter Lip Balm in Red Velvet – Loved the idea behind this – but there was no scent or flavour to this lip balm.. but there is colour – like a low-gloss lipgloss rather than a ‘smear on anywhere, without a mirror’ balm. Still, I got it the exact same day my lip balm at work ran out, and I was planning to replace it, so I’ll replace it with this & try to remember to check the mirror before heading to a meeting… it’s a pretty nice colour too – a little more ‘hot pink’ than red, but still sheer enough that it doesn’t matter too much. 7/10 might buy again

4) Pixi by Petra Fairy Dust in Brightening Bare – ok.. this is supposed to be “Illuminating powder pigments give concentrated glow & enhancing colour instantly!” – Illuminating to me means “highlighter” which means it should be lighter than my skin tone. This is actually just slightly darker. I might be able to use it as a highlighter in the summer if I have a (fake) tan though. It’s only a 0.02 oz container though, so it won’t last long. 1/10 probably won’t even use

5) Tarte delux lights camera lashes 4-in-1 mascara – I’m nervous opening up mascara that isn’t sealed – anyone else? It smells ok, but still… they really should send these plastic-wrapped or with one of those perforated stickers or something. This mascara claims to offer “lengthening, curling, volumizing, and conditioning” (grammatical mistake theirs) but honestly, I haven’t tried it yet. I’ll probably throw it into my travel case for when that super-tiny bottle (0.01 oz) won’t matter for a few days. I usually really like Tarte though, so maybe that’s why I feel conflicted. 2/10 might not even use

The case – I’d say this is an ok case – I wouldn’t buy one like this, but it would be useful for tossing a few things in for overnight or organizing my backpack or something. The zipper pull has a keychain on it too which is kind of nice – not that I’d really want a heart-shaped plastic ipsy keychain though!

Historical Sew Fortnightly 2014 project index

I only joined the Historical Sew Fortnightly 2014 mid-way through the year (in time for #14), but I thought I’d post an index of the projects I completed as part of the challenges.

Not attempted

Norse ‘pillbox’ hat

wool "pillbox" hat

wool “pillbox” hat

#7: Tops & Toes – Tops and Toes and focuses on accessories: specifically those that go on top of your head, and on your feet. (April 15, 2014…. but I did it long, long later.)


Italian Saccoccia (purse/pouch)

Embellished Saccoccia - an Italian pocket/pouch

Embellished Saccoccia – an Italian pocket/pouch

#10: Art – Art is simple: make something inspired by a work of art.

Through the art of backdating, I’ve assigned this pouch to this challenge, well after the challenge was due, in an ongoing attempt to work on some of the 2014 challenges during 2015.

1913 Lampshade dress

Selfie in my turban - don't even ask me why my eyes are closed!

Selfie in my turban – don’t even ask me why my eyes are closed!

#11: The Politics of Fashion – World affairs have both affected, and been affected by, fashions.  Craft something that demonstrates the interactions between dress and political history.

This was also a project completed after the deadline, as I went back and did some of the challenges that came up after I joined.

Continue reading

Enchantment Under the Sea – Dress

Enchantment Under the Sea costume complete!

Enchantment Under the Sea costume complete!

After reviewing some of the different dress designs that I had pinned on my Pinterest board I selected a general style that I thought a) would flatter me, b) would be easy enough to make c) would be reasonably “1950s” feeling, and d) would allow me some ways of inputting the “under the sea” theme into the costume as well. I sort of shifted my idea from an octopus wearing a prom dress, to something a bit more elegant and slightly less costume-y, while still being much more costume-y than I’m sure a lot of other guests will strive for. Continue reading