Beadworld – Victoria, BC

Beadworld in Victoria, BC

Beadworld in Victoria, BC

With some time over the holidays, I’m looking at some of the posts I had written, but not yet posted, so I’ll have a few from my trip to Victoria in the next while….

Although I was in Victoria specifically for the Vikings exhibit, I wanted to flesh out my trip with a few other things – including checking out some of my favourite shops, and finding a few new favourites as well.  One of the shops I visited was Beadworld (largely because I had an extra hour to spare before catching the shuttle to the airport!).

Lampwork beads at Beadworld in Victoria

Lampwork & glass beads at Beadworld in Victoria


Beadworld was a bit hard to find – they’re actually in the lower-level of an open-air market. “Market level” and “Courtyard level” aren’t really super helpful when reading directional signs for a market, with a courtyard, that you’ve never been to before. So.. to make it easy for you if you visit too – they’re on the lower level. It appears to just be stairs, though it’s possible there’s an elevator hidden somewhere or some other way of getting down there, but since I only had that hour… I didn’t look for one.

Beadworld had a lot of “same old, same old” – although their selection is quite big, nothing really jumped out at me as something totally unique I’m afraid – though I suspect if I were looking for a fairly generic, specific thing (say.. “blue seed beads” or “silver ear wires” I would have had reasonable luck finding them here. Things were relatively well laid out, apart from a fairly significant selection behind the case, and in trays in the display case. This kind of thing always turns me off, because it doesn’t encourage browsing, exploring, imagining… all things I need during the creative process. (Unless of course, I’m looking for those blue seed beads…).

I didn’t get a good look at the prices really (my companion was getting antsy to get going) though those I noticed were similar to other places, with a few exceptions – like the lampwork beads I had purchased for $1.95 at another place were priced at $4.95 here!
I did notice that for those who live in Victoria, BC (or plan a trip) they do offer classes, though it sounded like they would also help customers who dropped in. This is cool, but it also made me apprehensive about picking anything out for purchase, since getting help rung through the till would be slow-going, as all the sales staff were occupied when I was there.

Beadworld Victoria
560 Johnson St, Victoria, BC V8W 1M2
(250) 386-5534


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