Gala Fabrics – Victoria, BC

The discount fabric section at  Gala Fabrics in Victoria

The discount fabric section at Gala Fabrics in Victoria (iPhone Photo)

Here’s hoping everyone is having a wonderful winter holiday! This is another scheduled post that I’m writing before the holiday… because I don’t anticipate I’ll be spending much time on my computer during the holiday!  Today I’d like to introduce you to Gala Fabrics, in Victoria, BC. This is a very image-heavy post, so please allow time for the images to load!

I visited Gala Fabrics not once but twice when I was there in the summer, and made purchase both times… I had to go back for more delightful fabrics that I find hard to find locally.

Much of Gala Fabrics’ inventory is natural fibers, high quality, and the resulting high price. For instance, they have a whole wall full of multiple colours and shades of super-soft Italian Wool… at $33.90/meter..

Normally this is way out of the price range I’m willing to pay for fabric, but once you touch this wool… if you love wool.. you’ll be a convert I’m sure!

Beautiful Italian wool suiting - $33.90/meter! Ouch! ( Gala Fabrics in Victoria)

Beautiful Italian wool suiting – $33.90/meter! Ouch! ( Gala Fabrics in Victoria)(iPhone Photo)

But high-end wool isn’t all they have – they also have a discount wall with a variety of 100% wools for $10.00/meter – much more affordable! If I hadn’t already been sitting on my suitcase to close it, I might have considered picking up some of the wool plaid pictured below…

As shown above, they also have a selection of gorgeous silk velvet – this is a little easier to find locally (though usually only in black) and pretty easy to order online, so it was safe from my curious fingers and imaginative planning…
(all photos in the above gallery shot with my iPhone)


Lovely cottons from Gala Fabrics in Victoria, BC.

Lovely cottons from Gala Fabrics in Victoria, BC.

They also carry cottons like these above, and a variety of fabrics more suitable for children. I find their prices on high quality goods tends to be high… while prices on moderate goods tends to be moderate – this isn’t a cheap warehouse fabric store – nor is it a place that’s going to charge $10.00 for broadcloth just to make the $90.00 imported designer wool fit in…

In the gallery below I have a few of the things I did buy – some 100% Italian wool super lightweight suiting in a red, shown amoung the HUGE selection of colours they have. I’ve also photographed a few price tags so if you’re thinking of ordering from them, you can get an idea of their pricing…

A few more lovely things: Silk/Cotton blend Oxford fabric (how long I spent standing there wondering what I could make with that….) Embroidered silks (I picked up the taupe, pink, and mint floral hoping it will work for a costume…) linen jersey which is super light and drapes beautifully – I ended up getting some in blue and black.

I also picked up a remnant of Silk Habotai (hoping to use it on a costume)  and was sorely tempted by the bamboo velvet – it had a gorgeous sheen without the shine of rayon velvet. Really gorgeous stuff… and I bet it would work well to substitute in for historical costuming…
Look familiar? I did a short introduction to Gala Fabrics back in 2011 after a previous visit to Victoria.

Gala Fabrics
1483 Douglas St, Victoria, BC V8W 3K4
(250) 389-1312

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