2014 Xmas crafting

iPhone photo of our notebooks

iPhone photo of our notebooks

Each year (almost) I invite a bunch of friends over for an afternoon of crafting (usually followed by delicious sushi for dinner). Along with a few of the other craft things I made for gift-giving this year, this year our group made decorated coil notebooks (and one person made bookmarks too). We all brought different things, like decorative scissors, paper, glue, glitter, ribbons, stickers, and I brought the notebooks. Both of my notebooks went to my mum (who mentioned she’d like one of them before I covered them) and everyone else took theirs home for gift-giving too.

I thought I’d share the photo, and see if my readers have any ideas for next year!

Pinterest Holiday ideas to try

Pinterest Holiday ideas to try

Some of my previous holiday craft projects

Do you have ideas for next year?

Did you do any interesting crafts or projects to give as gifts this year? Do you have any ideas what my group might try next year?

Some of our criteria for group crafts are:

  • A final projects to give away as nice gifts – or the kind of thing that would be awesome to bring to a holiday party (decoration or consumable) for a hostess gift
  • More economical to do as a group than solo – with everyone sharing the cost
  • Not exceptionally messy (that criteria is for me, who will have to clean up our workspace!)
  • Not require any additional high cost tools or skills beyond what we might already have.  (That’s the tricky part, since we don’t really know what everyone already has…)
  • Fun!

Some ideas we considered this year or in the past:

  • decorated gift bags (maybe along with matching tags?)
  • microwaveable heat packs (like the magic bags) and hand-warmers
  • salt-dough ornaments
  • soaps, solid lotions, bath salts
  • freezer cookies/goodies & baked goods
  • bookmarks
  • holiday cards/thank you cards/ gift tags
  • meals-in-a-jar
  • beaded necklaces/bracelets, etc

If you were on my gift-giving list – what would you like under your tree or in your stocking? Let me know in the comments below!


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