Online shopping: Cheeptrims review

My first order from

My first order from

I’ve shared a few posts about online shopping, and I thought I’d share this one too. Unlike some of the others, I actually found it somewhat frustrating, and was disappointed with it – but that wouldn’t stop me from ordering from them again…

Order date: December 26
Change of order date: January 5
Date of receipt of partial order: January 15


I placed my order on Boxing day (there wasn’t a sale, it was just the first day I was able to get online for this kind of thing, since I’d worked up until the 24th and then had activities for the holidays on December 24 and 25).
I expected to get things around January 9-12, but on January 5th I got a message that two of the items I had ordered weren’t available… and would I like to cancel the order, wait for the outstanding items (no deadline available) or ship the partial order. I admit, I was kind of annoyed to be getting this message 5 business days after ordering, rather than sooner (I did take into account their note of holiday hours) I said to ship what was available ASAP; knowing that my origial plans would have to be modified because of this.
I finally got my order after work on the 15th – the event I needed this for was after work on the 17th, too late for most of the work I wanted to do.

My order

Prices in US$ and don’t include shipping to Canada or tax. I’m not sure how frequently they remove things from their website, so links may not work in time.

BBP-556-690 1 spool of old gold soutache braid – this I’ll likely use to make an updated Reta with a more authentic pattern. I’m happy with the product, it was as expected. $14.40 100% polyester, 144 yards/spool

LV-TL-10-960 1+1/8 inch Gold Metallic Venise Lace – I thought that this was going to be all sort of a golden thread, instead it’s dark yellow thread with some splashes of golden foil thread. It’s not quite what I wanted, but it’s ok. I originally was going to put it on my Italian costume, but since it came so late, I didn’t get the chance. $27.60 Rayon & Metallic, 30 yards/spool

Jacquard Ribbon from

RJP-425134-C03C 1 inch Wine – Gold Jacquard Ribbon – I wasn’t entirely sure which ribbon would work best, so I picked up three different spools for my Italian costume. This was one of them, and the one I ended up using just on the neckline of the Giornea. I’m quite happy with it, and the pattern worked very well for the application of the additional embellishments I bought from Fire Mountain Gems. The gold in this one is gold-coloured, not metallic, which was very nice. $8.25, 100% polyester, 25 yards/spool

RJM-794406-C07C 2 inch Black – Gold – Mustard – Tang Jacquard Ribbon Another one of the ribbons I ordered to see which would look better. This one is pretty nice, and I do like the pattern, but it did seem a bit TOO shiny for what I had in mind. $30.00 Polyester & Lurex, 20 yards/spool

RJM-794143-C01 1+7/8 inch Black – Gold – Silver Jacquard Ribbon other one of the ribbons I ordered to see which would look better. I liked the pattern of this even more, and in person it’s quite lovely. $17.00 The content is listed only as metallic, though as the others, I’m sure it’s a polyester base with silver and gold threads. 20 yards/spool.

Trim from

BM-187-C01 1+1/2 inch Gold – Silver Metallic Braid I thought this might be a good alternative to lace or ribbon for the hem of my Giornea – I like it, but there wasn’t time to apply it before the time I needed the outfit. (two spools at $5.33 each) Content is only listed as metallic, though as above, I’m sure there’s a synthetic core inside the cord. 8.2 meters/spool (odd that they suddenly switched to meters)

RWN-038-030 1+1/2 inch black Velvet Ribbon I have some black ribbon, but thought that this would be good to add to my stash, perhaps to be the backing to highlight narrower ribbon or lace.I found the quality of the velvet ribbon to be below what I normally get however, and while it would likely be good in an applied ribbon version, I don’t know if I’d use it as ribbon for things that would tie, etc.. perhaps some handling will help it feel nicer, it feels very stiff. $27.20 100% nylon, 40 yards/spool

RJM-860214-C13C 2+3/8 inch Black – Gold – Red Jacquard Ribbon (two spools at $11.25 each) This was one of the items that they were out of stock in for my order, and it wasn’t shipped. I really liked this one on the website and thought it would work well; I’m pretty disappointed it was unavailable.

LV-TL-135-960 3+1/4 inch Gold Metallic Venise Lace This is the other item that wasn’t shipped. I had planned on using this on the hem of my Giornea or Gamurra, so I’m really quite disappointed that it too was unavailable after I had ordered it. $27.75

Final thoughts

Considering the price per yard/meter is well below what I’d be paying retail, (even with shipping that accounted for about 25% of the total purchase price) I was pretty happy with the order. There are some down-sides… If I was in-store I’d be able to see the quality of the goods, and the colours, etc. I probably would have bought much less if I had been able to see the goods in person, as I would have had a better idea of colours, etc. I was also quite disappointed in the slow handling time, and items being unavailable.

Have you ever shopped with What did you think? Do you have any other sources online for high quality trim at good prices with lots of selection?


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