Help me ‘shop my stash’!

One of the Facebook groups I’m on (Loggia Vecchio – 15th C Italian clothes, art & culture) Posted a “Textile Tuesday” question, and it’s perfect timing, because I was just about to ask the hive mind for some suggestions. I have the following fabrics, and would like suggestions on what to make with each of them. One or two of them I might consider for an Italian Renaissance costume (the focus of the Loggia Vecchio group) but others definitely aren’t correct… But where could they go?

The fabrics are:

wine and copper brocade (scissors for scale)

wine and copper brocade (scissors for scale)

This is a copper (even if my monitor makes it look more golden) and wine damask, with a HUGE pattern. I would have LOVED this for a Giornea (a loose overgown) but there just isn’t enough of it for my size (let alone any pattern-matching!) You can’t see it from this shot, but one of the motifs includes three small fleur-des-lis motifs inside of it (which is period-correct for a variety of cultures, not just the French with which it’s currently associated with). I’m thinking of sleeves… but this enormous pattern would be lost on a smaller item. Have any ideas? (It’s about a meter and a half, but as you’ve seen from my other photos, I’m a larger woman.) It’s drapery weight.

Yellow floral silk & red and brown floral linen

Yellow floral silk & red and brown floral linen

The yellow fabric is a gorgeous bright yellow silk (brighter than the photo suggests) that I’d normally never consider (I think I probably bought it around the time of the Historical Sew Fortnightly Yellow challenge, certainly a colour I’d never wear screams “costume” to me…) I have LOTS of this fabric – I think 10 meters (?). It’s lined with 100% cotton, which supports the embroidery. The embroidery is (machine made, of course) satin stitch and velvet-stitch/ ghiordes knot / Turkey work though – and I’m not sure when that kind of stitch would have been developed. Right now I’m leaning towards something Rococo… What do you think? The weight of this fabric is light drapery weight – but with the embroidery it doesn’t puddle or drape much.

The red and brown linen is a jacquard floral – I loved this fabric so much, and was planning on a Giornea for it – but then when it arrived I realized that the repeat was not large enough for the time frame I had in mind – at least not that I can recall. Does anyone have ideas of where this fabric might work? I think I have 4-5 meters of this, and the weight is quite heavy – somewhere between drapery and upholstery weight.

Red and pale yellow fleur-des-lis, and golden green floral (scissors for scale)

Red and pale yellow fleur-des-lis, and golden green floral (scissors for scale)

The yellow and red fleur-des-lis is another upholstery-weight fabric, and I only have about 2 meters of it I think. I was originally thinking of a foreskirt for a Tudor-era costume… but my mind isn’t entirely set. The repeat again seems a bit small for that era, though I haven’t started looking there very much yet. The yellow isn’t quite as pale as it looks in this photo (at least on my monitor) so it probably won’t work spot-on with other gold/red combinations.

Finally the last fabric I’d like help with is a 50% Cotton 50% silk. The background is a golden brown, with ivory and green floral brocade. I have about 6 meters of this I think, and it’s a heavy drapery/light upholstery weight. I was thinking of a Giornea as well for this, but once I did more reading, realized it was probably the wrong kind of pattern. This again is not a colour/tone that I’d wear for mundane clothes.. so costume it is! I also have some tiny striped silk in the same shades of ivory/gold/green that I could use with it, though it’s taffeta weight, and couldn’t mix in directly. What do you think I should make?

Shop my stash

Can you give any suggestions to help me ‘shop my stash’? Of course, I really would like to also go out and buy beautiful NEW fabrics, but with the shelves in my sewing room pretty full… it’s probably a good idea to take a look at what I already have anyways.  Oh.. plus.. the next Historical Sew Fortnightly/Monthly is… Stashbusting!


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