February Ipsy delivery

Feb2015IpsyI’m starting really to look forward to my ipsy subscription each month – I love getting a little package of goodies, and although not everything in there is beauty gold (for me), I do like finding those one or two items that I really love each month.

February 2015

This time around the theme is #ipsylove (is it just me, or does that look like “tipsy love”?) and of course, since it arrived around Valentine’s Day (actually a few days after Valentine’s Day.. but that’s probably because I’m in Canada…) there’s a sweet, pink, cute theme to the items when seen all together.

So… in order of faves to least faves, I’m going to share with you what my package contained!

#1 – Luxie Beauty large angled make up brush – I LOVE getting tools. I have no problem walking into Sephora and coming out with a bag full of new colours, but I buy myself new tools SO rarely. I clean my brushes regularly to keep them … well… clean – and thus don’t need to replace brushes very often, so I don’t tend to pick them up in the shop – so I’m super-happy that once again, my order came with a brush.

#2 – My next top favourite is the Hey Honey Take It Off! Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask. I have been searching for a peel off mask FOREVER – I used to love them years ago, but then couldn’t find them anymore. This one is a small sample size, but it smells good and seems to work – though I’d like a bigger sample!

#3 – Here’s a confession… my #3 and #4 items I haven’t actually tried yet. #3 is ModelCo blush – a lovely shade- Cosmopolitan (ballerina pink) , and it looks like a quality product, but I really don’t wear blush very much… so the few blush compacts that I already have, don’t need replacing or upgrading. Consider this a call-out to any of my fellow ipsy-subscriber friends… did anyone not get a blush and want to trade for mine? (Unopened, of course!)

#4 – as above… I haven’t opened my #4 choice either, this is another compact of champagne-coloured eyeshadow. (Officially called “Pearl Fizz”) Yes.. I’m pale.. I get that, but gimme some COLOUR ipsy! Again, the product looks like a good quality product, but I’m going to put this one out for fellow subscriber friends too for trade… I’d wear this colour, but I got the champagne coloured eyeshadow last month too… and already have another palate with two shades so similar to this… so.. yeah. I don’t need another. This is from ‘Tini Beauty.

#5 – Cargo lipgloss in “Anguilla” I think I might need to change my colour settings on ipsy – this lipgloss is SUPER pale. It might be good if I were doing a 1960s Mod look (you know, with the super light frosted lipstick?) but that’s not my normal go-to look… I’ll be keeping this one next to my sewing machine I think – for when I need something on my lips, but no one is going to see me (and remark “groovy, baby!”).

#6 – I’m still trying to come up with what to do with all these little pouches – hey ipsy, how about mixing things up a little? Maybe a drawstring one next? Maybe a longer one so I could fit a make-up brush in there at least? Or a longer one that I could fit a toothbrush, a mini tube of paste, and a roll of floss in for my drawer at work? This one is a cute pink one, made in the same style as one of the others I’ve received – just a flat zippered pouch – it doesn’t hold much I’m afraid, which doesn’t make it super useful to repurpose.

I wonder how many second-hand shops are filled with ipsy bags….?

Want to join up?

You might not know, but if I share ipsy with other people, and they sign up too – I get “points” towards a few little free things. (Nothing big enough to warrant me spamming my friends on Facebook though…). If you’d like to join ipsy too, then I’d appreciate it if you clicked this link http://www.ipsy.com/r/1ledf?sid=ipsypoints&cid=general to do so… if you sign up I’ll get points.

(And thank-you to those individuals who already did sign up using my invitation code!)

 Just here for the sewing, crafting, & costumes?

I don’t intend this to be solely a beauty-blog.. rest assured! I do get a LOT of traffic from some of my beauty-related posts though, so they won’t stop entirely… but I promise lots of pretty clothes to make up for it for those of you who aren’t interested. In the meantime, how about joining me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DawnsDressDiary where I am cross -posting nearly all of my posts, especially good if you don’t use a blog/RSS reader and want to see when I post new things.

Read more of my ‘beauty blog’ posts here: https://dawnsdressdiary.wordpress.com/category/beauty-blog/ 


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