Largess Saccoccia

Assortment of some of the pocket bags I worked on.

Assortment of some of the pocket bags I worked on.

Shortly after making my Saccoccia (pocket bag) I met up with a few women who play in the SCA and we made up a bunch of pocket-bags to give away as largess.

I’ll admit, I don’t totally understand largess – how do items get distributed? What do people do if they get largess that isn’t suitable for what they play? (As lovely and as thoughtful as the items might be.)
These pockets are really only suitable in style for 1575 (I think, that’s the earliest painting reference I have found) and later, and only for women – so they couldn’t go to just anyone… but all the same, doing the pocket-bags assembly-line style with a bunch of other people was quite fun, and some of us were quite happy to be getting some pockets of our own out of the experience. 

We didn’t get everything done in one afternoon though, so we split up what we had to finish off individually.

While there were a few differences, in general we each took a set of pockets for ourselves, plus two more pairs to finish off for largess donation. There were also some very large scraps of fabric left over, and with them I pieced together a few more items to add to the ‘stash.

I guess we were aiming to donate items as a dozen, but I don’t think that’s a requirement…

Backs of the pockets - showing a variation in how they'll be worn

Backs of the pockets – showing a variation in how they’ll be worn

The pockets that I made for myself (after the group had left) are a golden brocade type of pattern with designs in subtle shades of gold, red, and teal. The bags are lined in a raspberry linen, with waist ties in the same colour. I did put the two pockets on one waist tie.

The other photos to the left show a white canvas pocket lined and trimmed in blue linen with a buttonhole opening at the top which an existing waist tie can go through (for instance to add on an extra pocket, or to use a waist tie that matches a dress so it stands out less). The pocket in the middle is one of the ones I took for myself from the group we made together. It’s a navy & tan brocade-type of fabric lined with navy blue. The back is white canvas, and I used a white canvas strip on the back where the waist tie can pass through as well, like the other.

The two pairs I'll put in with the others for largess

The two pairs I’ll put in with the others for largess

The pair of pockets that I finished off from the group for largess are shown to the left.

The first pair is a gorgeous pair of grey (silk?) embroidered and beaded pockets, lined with white linen and backed with white canvas. The waist ties on these are white linen, and I opted to do them as two separate pockets rather than two on one waist tie, so the wearer will have more options. (There’s no point in wearing two pockets, if your gown only opens on one side!)

The second pair is a much smaller set – possibly for a more petite woman or young woman. These are a tan-ivory upholstery fabric with a subtle off-white design, lined in a natural linen, backed with white canvas, and have waist ties in white linen. These pockets are both on the same waist tie; I just hoping the spacing works for the eventual recipient!

Two bags in a different design

Two bags in a different design


From the scraps of fabric, I also made a trapezoid-shaped purse in blue and raspberry linen. I did use brass eyelets for the drawstring (though I don’t think they’re right for the periods covered by the SCA) The string is made of threads pulled from the fabric, twisted into a cord. I don’t know if I’ll donate this one or not… I’m not super happy with it honestly, so might just keep it to put do-dads in.  I don’t know right now… I’ll make up my mind later!

At the same time I also made a tassel-trimmed white linen pouch from the scraps leftover from my veil (another projects I haven’t posted yet… it’s not done!). This pouch has a very  practical use – you can see it’s stuffed full… of tools I’ll be using for the veil. I thought making it in the same fabric would be ideal to keep everything together. The twisted cord and tassels are hand-made from a silk-bamboo mix yarn that I adore, in a subtle blue-grey colour. This pouch is just for me – and I think it’s very pretty 🙂

Oh… and in that top photo you can see another style too… that navy blue one trimmed with gold – stay tuned for an article about that one… 

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