Wool haversack

Completed bag

Completed bag

Although I want to make purses/pouches to go with my costumes that at least sort of attempt to fit the costume time/place as well, I realize that I need a larger purse to put my things in for events – something instead of carrying my Betsey Johnson purse to costume events.

I took a look at the frequently-seen ‘haversack’ or ‘pilgrim’s bag’ and decided to make one up fairly quickly.

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Norse pillbox hat

wool "pillbox" hat

wool “pillbox” hat

On one of the Viking groups I’m part of on Facebook, there was some discussion about the frequently seen “santa hat”, the 5/6-panel hat, and finally the pillbox hat as options for Viking Age men’s Norse headwear.

I wanted to start a menswear-style outfit for my Norse Viking Age ‘wardrobe’ (more about why later… the other post is a work-in-progress still) and decided I wanted to include a hat as well.

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Fire Mountain Gems order #2

I’ll admit to a bit of retail therapy lately (or, online shopping which isn’t quite the same)… I’ve been going through a hard time with work and family things, so a little happy in the mail (dulled a bit by insane duty charges…) is nice.

I placed another order with Fire Mountain Gems, and figured that I’d record down what I got, and what I plan for it, in case I forget or want to re-order a specific item.


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Viking wardrobe inventory / index

When I first started to think of a Viking-Age costume, I made a bit of a list of what I wanted to make/find/acquire, but I neglected to create an inventory of what I already have (or could adapt…) I wanted to do a bit of a post on that – mostly for my own sake. I intend to keep this a “living” document that I can add to when I need.


*image still needed* White linen underdress – long sleeves, slit neckline, couched hem
Needs: brooch for neckline, long enough apron-dress to cover the embellished hem
Blue underdress swatch Blue linen/look/blend (need to look at this) underdress – t-tunic style, long sleeves, slit neckline
Needs: good to go
PinkPurpleUnderdressSwatch Pink/purple linen/look/blend (need to look at this) underdress – t-tunic style, long sleeves, square neckline, tonal bands on arms
Needs: Don’t think that the neckline is right, so maybe to be worn with a shawl or something?
BrownSwatch Brown linen underdress – short sleeves, slit neckline, no embellishment
Needs: brooch for neckline.  Short sleeves should be worn over a long sleeved underdress unless super-hot weather, or sleeve-messing work.
black linen underdress neckline Black linen underdress – long sleeves, slit neckline, embroidery at neckline and hem
Needs: brooch for neckline
Focus on neckline and cuff of new blue linen underdress Navy blue linen underdress – very tight long sleeves, slit neckline, silk cuffs, neckline and cuffs embellished with trim.
Needs: brooch for neckline
 Pale green linen under derss
 Drab grey-green wool under dress

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