Vikings in BC – Two religions

Swedish Viking Age cross

Swedish Viking Age cross

Today I’m sharing even more photos from the Vikings In BC exhibit I visited this past summer.

Above is a silver crucifix pendant from Birka “considered to be the oldest known crucifix in present-day Sweden”.

In the middle of the gallery above is a cross-shaped silver pendant, made from a coin, found in Uppland, Sweden.

The display on the right included the crucifix at the top of the post and the coin-cross, along with three others:

  • a silver crucifix pendant from Gotland
  • a cross-shaped pendant made of silver from Gotland
  • part of a processional cross made of copper from Gotland

The display on the left was a display discussing the emergence and acceptance of Christianity in Viking Age Scandinavia.  Along with a Thor’s Hammer (Mjölnir), the display included a copy of the wolf-head cross/hammer originally found in Iceland, and a pair of jewellery pieces (that I’m unsure about now, since I didn’t record the write-up for it).

Closer photo of the Thor's Hammer

Closer photo of the Thor’s Hammer


2 comments on “Vikings in BC – Two religions

  1. Interesting! The coin-cross reminds me of my tattoo, which is based on an Anglo-Saxon enamel cross from the ninth century (the Canterbury cross). Very different construction, but a similar silhouette, with its four equal arms and curved ends.

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