Vikings in BC – chains

Chain hanger

Chain hanger

Today I just have a short post with photos from the Vikings in BC exhibit.

This exhibit had a series of cascading “Rolo” style chains hanging from chain hangers. The display also had two neck rings.


Cascading chains

Cascading chains

This display was entitled “Fashions across the Baltic” and these finds are from Munsö, Uppland, Sweden. The display stated:

The Baltic Sea connected people living around its shores. The jewellery and torcs in this case are typical of the styles found on the eastern side of the Baltic, but they were found near Birka on the western shore, far from their place of origin.

We do not know how they got there. Perhaps a woman from the eastern Baltic settled near Birka? Or someone brought them back from a trip to the East? One of the torcs is very worn – this could have been intended to be melted down, to make new jewellery.”

The twisted torc in the display is made of bronze, and is of Baltic origin. “These kinds of torcs could have been used as symbols of social and/or economic status/power.”

The plain torc is of bronze, and also is of Baltic origin.

The “Chain garnish” is made of bronze, and the display said “Baltic origin. Instead of beads, Baltic women often wore chain garnish across the chest.”

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