SCA devices

My proposed Device

My proposed device

When I figured I’d need a name for an SCA persona (in progress) I joined the heraldry Facebook group. While I’d gone there for help with a name…. I ended up seeing all of the beautiful devices, and after some time, decided I’d really like one too perhaps…

(Despite the fact that the Viking Age is pre-heraldry…)

Article about heraldry for Viking personas 

talks about images and colours 

What do I LIKE?

Colours (or rather, tinctures)

Gold/Yellow – Or
Silver/White – Argent
Red – Gules
Blue – Azure
Green – Vert
Purple – Purpure
Black – Sable


I mostly like silver, blue, and black. Red would also be ok.  The sources suggest that single-colour identification and bi-colour identification is more common in Viking Age artwork (shields, sails, etcc) with a preference in bi-colour for red and white.  (Source: )

There is an unofficial RGB guide to the colours through the FB heraldry group.

This is another image-heavy page.. so I suggest not going further on a mobile device! (It’s also more for me to organize my thoughts and ideas than much of anything else…) I’ve also hotlinked a bunch of stuff (with links to the originals) just to keep things clean for ME in my image library until I pick something for sure…

Animals/etc that I like:

(after I started creating stuff I also found the traceable imagery project here:

Raven/ crow

(from the picture stone: (from a heraldic dictionary: this might be too over-done in heraldry to get something unique?


(from a heraldic dictionary:


By Heralder ([1]) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


from a heraldic dictionary:

By Gisela Gördes from Ascheberg; slightly modified and converted to PNG by ClausG (Kommunale Wappenrolle Schleswig-Holstein) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

from wiki commons:


(from a heraldic dictionary: – not found) (From wiki commons:


(regular or Tyr’s) (from a heraldic dictionary: though I suspect this would be hard to sew, and overly common)


(from a heraldic dictionary:

(from wiki commons:

8-legged horse (?)

(from a heraldic dictionary:

“eight-legged horse”, a monster representing Odin’s horse Sleipnir. The latter is not encouraged for Society use, because of the visual confusion from its limbs.”


(from a heraldic dictionary:


(like this picture stone:,_V%C3%A4xj%C3%B6.JPG)

(from a heraldic dictionary:


(from a heraldic dictionary:


(from a heraldic dictionary:


Other symbols

Related to my chosen name

Bridge – (also

Trident –  (also

Stream –

Fork –


Feilds, ordinaries, etc

Ford –

Fess nowy


Flaunches (maybe fretty so it looks like lacing? like #159 here:

Three chevronels braced

 Creation time!

Once I had kind of narrowed down some of the things I LIKE (with apologies to all of the original creators above who I’ve posted here to visually remind me… ) I got down to the job of pulling everything into Photoshop to colour, scale, and arrange in a way that pleased me.

My criteria:

  • I wanted something blue/silver/black/red (or rather something that involved any of those colours together, not necessarily all of them) as most of my costuming has been in those colours, and I think it will look nice to have a consistent colour scheme while in persona, but also because I think it will make it easier to add my device into my wardrobe/accessories/etc if I can use fabric I already have scraps of, and perhaps if I decide to do one of those heraldic surcotes at some point, nicer to coordinate with…
  • I want something easy to sew/embroider/applique/paint/carve/blockprint etc.. My embroidery skills are pretty low at this point since it’s been years since I’ve done anything more than herringbone stitch, so keeping it simple will probably make things easier on me in the long run.
    • However, something that would lend itself to further embellishment should I become more proficient wouldn’t hurt…. (like a simple fox for a device, which could then be stitched in a more elaborate way later on…) ( I think this is referred to as ‘diapering’.)
  • I want something either: vaguely ‘dark’ or ‘gothic’ in feel. Something with dark overtones that speak to my gothic nature. I think it would be lovely to be able to craft things that appealed to my aesthetic vision even in mundane things… like surrounding myself with bats.. 😉
  • I would also be agreeable to creating a device that referenced the name I’ve chosen (snow, blowing snow, snow drifts, snowflakes, rivers, forks in a river, water, meeting places, crossroads) because it’s punny and apparently that’s a big thing with heraldic devices.
  • I would also like a vague or reasonable suggestion of the Viking Age persona if possible, although that’s less important since Viking Age heraldry is a bit of a contradiction to begin with…
    • It seems to me that I can also do a badge (need to check this) if I can’t get the three themes together or have to choose.

Some of my initial sketches in Photoshop to submit to the FB heraldry group for critique, suggestions, and conflict-checking:


Possible alternatives. Please don't copy - once I pick mine the rest will be up for grabs if anyone wants them and they're conflict-free. (etc etc etc I'm not a herald!)

Possible alternatives. Please don’t copy

I REALLY don’t know how to blazon things,(I tried to start and just got confused) so I’ll just try my best and/or describe them when I get totally confused.

A. Per three chevronels braced Sable and Azure a trident Argent
B. Argent field with ford proper, tricune  Azure (at least I hope it’s a tricune, I liked the description but couldn’t find an image)
C. Argent field, Pall Azure fimbriated Gules, three crescents pendant Azure
D. Argent field, Pall Azure, three crescents pendant Azure
E. Per three chevronels braced counter-ermine and Azure
F. Per three chevronels braced Sable and Azure
G. Per three chevronels braced Azure and Sable
H. Per Fess nowy Sable and Argent a bat / reremouse Sable ford proper
I. Per Fess nowy Sable and Argent and Azure a bat / reremouse Sable ford proper
J. Per Fess nowy Sable and Argent a bat / reremouse Sable
K. Per three chevronels braced Sable and Azure a bat / reremouse Argent

(When I was trying to figure out how to blazon, I started with this website: in case I want to come back to it.)

The group had a lot of discussion going about my proposals, and as I looked at them over and over, I really liked E – it looks like falling snow on the mountains 🙂

I might also ‘save’ H or I for a badge at some point – I really love the bat!


Avacal heraldry submission form:

I sent off my form in early March, and found out on March 24 that my name (as mentioned previously) was up on OSCAR for commentary. Now I just wait…. (for 6-9 months apparently!)


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